Weingarten Outlines Comprehensive Education Reform Plan: Press

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In a major speech Jan. 12 at the National Press Club, AFT president Randi Weingarten unveiled a serious and comprehensive reform plan to ensure great teaching, taking on systems that have been ingrained in public education for more than a century.

Following are links to a variety of news coverage items.

Video: Randi Weingarten on "Morning Joe" program
Jan. 29, 2010

Teachers and Education Reform
"On Point," with Tom Ashbrook, National Public Radio
Jan. 26, 2010

Getting rid of bad apples
Editorial, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Jan. 22, 2010

Teacher leader brings reform ideas to Ohio
Catalyst Crib Sheets, Catalyst Ohio
Jan. 20, 2010

Video: Randi Weingarten discusses AFT's ideas for ensuring great teaching and teachers
NewsChannel 8 (DC Metro area)
Jan. 19, 2010

The Weingarten Doctrine
Jan. 18, 2010

A New Path Forward for Public Education
Randi Weingarten, the Huffington Post
Jan. 17, 2010

Walking the Walk on School Reform
Editorial, the New York Times
Jan. 16, 2010

What Randi Really Said and Meant
Diane Ravitch, the Huffington Post
Jan. 16, 2010

Chairman Miller Statement on AFT Plan to Improve Teacher Evaluations
U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA) press release
Jan. 12, 2010

Weingarten Proposes "A New Path Forward"
Mark Simon, "Teachers & Parents for Real Education Reform"
Jan. 12, 2010

Teachers Union Supports Member Evaluations Based on Test Scores
Mary Bruce, ABC News online
Jan. 12, 2010

AFT president calls for new approach to teacher evaluations and labor relations
Liz Bowie, the Baltimore Sun
Jan. 12, 2010

Union to propose test scores figure into teacher rating
Greg Toppo, USA Today
Jan. 12, 2010

Feinberg to Help Teachers Union Speed Due Process
Molly Peterson, Bloomberg.com
Jan. 12, 2010

A Serious Proposal
Bob Herbert, the New York Times
Jan. 11, 2010

New ideas from Weingarten
Jay Mathews, the Washington Post
Jan. 11, 2010