Weingarten Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Council

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AFT president Randi Weingarten has been elected to the executive council of the AFL-CIO, which guides the daily work of the federation. Her Aug. 5 election to the AFL-CIO position comes on the heels of her election in July to lead the 1.4 million-member AFT.

"The labor movement is the strongest advocate of policies that help professionals, working-class families and the nation's middle class," said Weingarten. "That is why I am honored to serve on the AFL-CIO executive council, and I am fully committed to strengthening the labor movement so we can help working families deal with the challenges of the 21st century economy."

Weingarten is known as a reform-minded leader who has demonstrated her commitment to improving schools, hospitals and public institutions for children, families and their communities. She represents the next generation of labor leader, committed to making our public institutions the best they can be, eager to organize new sectors of the workforce, and always seeking to win workers both economic security and a stronger voice in decisions that affect their jobs and the people they serve.

"Randi is the gold standard when it comes to progressive, innovative leadership," said Denis Hughes, president of the New York State AFL-CIO. "Her track record of accomplishment on behalf of students, teachers and public education is extraordinary. As a member of the AFL-CIO's executive council, Randi will undoubtedly play a vital role in furthering the cause of working men and women throughout this country. Continuing the great tradition of New York labor leaders rising to national prominence, we are proud to have one of our own heading to Washington."

In addition to Weingarten, who was elected by acclamation at the council's meeting in Chicago, AFT vice president Laura Rico serves on the AFL-CIO executive council. The council also paid tribute to Edward J. McElroy and Nat LaCour, who retired in July as AFT president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, and had served on the council.

August 5, 2008