Time Is Running Out for Our Students' Future

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Every AFT voice is needed now in the battle to save hundreds of thousands of educator jobs and college opportunity for 8 million students—a fight that is moving into its final few hours on Capitol Hill.

Key votes are coming up fast in the U.S. Senate. Today, the AFT and a number of its affiliates joined 186 other state and national organizations to urge senators to do their part and follow the House's lead by also approving a $10 billion education jobs fund that can "reach schoolhouse doors before local communities are forced to implement massive layoffs and dramatic program cuts that will harm children." The coalition is also urging the Senate to provide an additional $4.95 billion for Pell Grants, which will be "slashed" without Senate action, "threatening the promise of college attainment for those students who have earned a place in higher education."

The clock is running out: Every AFT member is called on to write his or her senators immediately and tell them to keep our students' futures from being shortchanged. AFTers who have written once should write again—and encourage family members and neighbors to join them in raising their voices in Washington, D.C.

"We ask that you act in the interest of our nation's students and the teachers and other dedicated employees who serve them admirably every day," the AFT and its coalition partners told senators. "We can move this bill forward in a timely manner, save jobs, ensure college opportunity and improve education for all of America's students." [Mike Rose]

July 20, 2010