Obama helps observe Public Service Recognition Week

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Public Service Recognition Week

In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, which is May 4-10 this year, President Obama issued a message honoring public employees.

"I am pleased to join in observing Public Service Recognition Week," the president says.

"A government of, by and for the people relies on dedicated citizens eager to carry out the necessary work of self-government. Every day, public employees like you assume this , responsibility with passion and professionalism at the federal, state, county and local levels.

"With unmatched perseverance, you deliver the critical resources and services so many Americans depend on. You defend our country abroad and provide our service members with the care they deserve when they return home. You push the boundaries of science, which keeps America on the cutting edge of innovation. You support small businesses, guard our civil rights, educate our next generation and help hundreds of thousands experience the wonder of our national parks and treasures.

"Each of you has specific duties you perform on behalf of our people, and together, public servants like you form the government our citizens count on and strive to meet the high expectations they set. Whether you recently came to public service to build a brighter tomorrow, or you are a career employee who has dedicated your life to this pursuit, I am deeply grateful for your commitment to the American people, and I wish you all the best."

Visit AFT Public Employees' Facebook page for infographics and other information highlighting the important work of our members.

May 7, 2014