New Video Shows the Dangers of Economic Austerity (11/2)

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An entertaining short video from Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies shows why the economic austerity policies that governments around the world are pursuing in response to the global financial crisis are exactly the wrong way to turn things around.

The video features Brown political science professor Mark Blyth, who also is a faculty fellow at the Watson Institute, describing why the thinking behind the global push for austerity policies is inherently flawed. Blyth also is writing a book tentatively titled, "Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea."

The new video, made by filmmaker and Brown graduate Joe Posner, is the first in a series that will pair faculty with young media makers to use audio, video and graphics to help get across the ideas of academics in new, creative ways. [Dan Gursky, Watson Institute for International Studies]

November 2, 2010