Macomb Community College faculty affiliate with AFT

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After 45 years as an independent union, the 230-member Macomb Community College Faculty Organization (MCCFO) has voted to affiliate with the AFT. MCCFO represents tenure-track and tenured faculty at Macomb, which is the largest associate degree-grantor in the state.

"MCCFO is a strong and effective union," says local union president Dawn Roberts. "But with the mounting attacks on unions and public K-16 education, it is imperative that we affiliate with the larger labor movement in order to remain viable and effective. AFT brings broad experience, effective representation, and technical expertise that will be of great benefit to our members."

AFT Michigan President David Hecker, who is an AFT vice president, says that MCCFO affiliation will also strengthen the AFT state federation. "With strong local leadership, an involved membership, and a commitment to organized labor and public K-16 education, MCCFO adds a great deal to AFT Michigan."

AFT Michigan is the state's largest higher education union, representing 15,000 faculty and staff members at colleges and universities across the state. [AFT Michigan press release] 

April 30, 2012