Election Sweep for AFT Union Coalition in Colorado

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Colorado WINS (Workers for Innovation and New Solutions) welcomes an additional 10,000 Colorado state employees into its membership. Almost two months to the day after 22,000 state professionals in five occupational groups voted for union representation by the coalition union-which includes the AFT­-ballots cast by workers in the Financial Services and Professional Services occupational groups were counted Aug. 12. (See earlier story.)

"This vote makes it unanimous," says Steve Porter, director of the AFT Public Employees department. "Seven different units representing more than 30,000 Colorado state employees have voted overwhelmingly in favor of representation by Colorado WINS. Through this representation, state employees will have the opportunity to work in an exciting new state partnership effort, laid out in Gov. Bill Ritter's executive order, to improve state services and make state service more attractive for both experienced state employee professionals and job candidates looking for a meaningful career in public service. The results of the representation elections make it clear that Colorado state employees are looking to be part of a new direction in government services."

The AFT, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, and the Service Employees International Union formed Colorado WINS late last year after Gov. Ritter issued an executive order expanding the workplace rights of state employees.

"Government efficiency, which is what the governor is seeking, is achieved when public employees have a voice," AFT Colorado president David Sanger noted at the time the coalition was formed. "And Colorado WINS-one local union supported by the nation's three largest public employees unions-is what Colorado state employees need to make up for the lost years of being silenced on the job."

August 12, 2008