Education bus tour for Hillary rolls through Ohio

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AFT leaders and members from Ohio played a central role in a two-day, six-stop education bus tour across the key battleground state on Sept. 13-14 to promote Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Stops included Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo, all cities where the AFT has a strong presence.

Melissa Cropper during one of the stopsAt the stop in Cincinnati, Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper (pictured speaking above) said that with Hillary in the White House, teachers will have a partner and a seat at the table. "Hillary is committed to making sure every child in Ohio receives a world-class education, with good schools and good teachers, no matter what ZIP code they live in," said Cropper, who is an AFT vice president.

Donald Trump, by contrast, has proposed spending $20 billion in existing federal education funds on vouchers. "Taking money meant for public schools away from public schools will have a devastating impact on our children," Cropper said, pointing out that, in Cincinnati alone, it could mean the elimination of nearly 500 educators' jobs.

Cincinnati Federation of Teachers President Julie Sellers said, "We are with Hillary because she is with us and with our children, with plans to expand public education services and opportunities. Hillary Clinton's plans will improve the lives of our children for the next generation. We are proud to stand here in firm support of Hillary Clinton for president."

Other AFT speakers on the tour included CFT retirees chapter President Elizabeth Jones, teacher Lisa Arraj and retiree Hazel Hicks from Cleveland, and Toledo Federation of Teachers President Kevin Dalton and Vice President Mona Al-Hayani.

[Dan Gursky, Lisa Zellner]