Broward County educators approve new contract

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Education professionals in Broward County, Fla., voted "yes" Nov. 8 to a contract that would grant them their first raises in four years. They hope the tentative contract agreement, approved in a vote by the Broward Teachers Union Education Professional Bargaining Unit, will be finalized by the school board Dec. 4.

The union and the Broward County school board reached the tentative agreement on Oct. 16. In the Nov. 8 vote, 29 percent of the county's 14,233 instructional staff cast ballots; 87 percent voted "yes."

In addition to the raise, the agreement provides the first step movement provision in three years, retains individual health insurance for teachers at 100 percent and lays the foundation for future contract talks.

"The vote sends a very clear message by the union's members that they want to continue moving forward in a positive direction," said BTU president-elect Sharon Glickman. "This agreement is only one step on our way to negotiating additional step and salary increases as the economy improves. … The negotiations represented a strong collaborative effort between the union and the school district."

More details are available on the BTU website. [Broward Teachers Union, Virginia Myers]

November 19, 2012