Become a Fan of AFT's New Facebook Page

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Less than a week after its launch, the AFT's new Facebook page already has more than 1,000 fans. You can join that growing community by going to the site and clicking on "Become a Fan." If you're already a fan, you can suggest that your friends also become fans. Once you log in and go to the AFT fan page, click on the "Suggest to Friends" link and send invitations to friends you want to invite.

In the past couple of days, many AFT members have submitted comments in response to a question from AFT president Randi Weingarten asking what inspires them to do their jobs. They are members like Maria in Washington, D.C., who wrote, "My students are tomorrow's people ... and knowing that I touch the future is what keeps me going and inspired here in DC Public Schools."

Barbara from Louisiana wrote that she enjoys "the lights in my students' eyes when they grasp a concept or improve in their writing skills. I teach because I love knowing that I positively impact the lives of the next generation." And there's Samuel from Illinois, who wants "to do my share to make a better future."

It's easy to add your own comments to the growing conversation. Lots more information will be added regularly to the AFT fan page, so make sure you join our growing online community.

January 5, 2010