AFT vice president to head black school educators group

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AFT vice president Marietta EnglishAFT vice president Marietta English is the new president-elect of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. English, who is president of AFT Maryland and the Baltimore Teachers Union, will begin her three-year term in November and then will serve as president for three years after that.

English, who has been a NABSE member since 1986, has served in various leadership positions. "I think NABSE members looked at my service to the organization and the kind of work I've done and the ideas I've brought to the group," she says.

In her campaign against two other candidates, English's platform included a vow to build a stronger education profession; change the narrative around public education reform; and set practices and policies that can achieve our broader goals to retain, support and respect our current educators.

"It's important that we change the narrative and get back to respecting the teaching profession and public education," English says. "I believe my experience as a teacher and union leader will help NABSE promote that agenda."

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May 30, 2012