AFT hosts Nigerian girls who escaped kidnappers

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One year after the horrific kidnapping of 300 girls in Chibok, Nigeria, the AFT hosted two young teenagers who managed to escape from their Boko Haram kidnappers. Speaking April 16 to a group of AFT staff in a moving event, the two brave girls thanked everyone who has supported the "Bring Back Our Girls" campaign.

Randi Weingarten with Nigerian girlsAFT President Randi Weingarten spoke on behalf of the AFT in offering a warm welcome and promising that the two girls, Pat and Saa, will always have the union's support. She said the AFT was honored to host the girls and saluted their bravery and courage.

The girls spoke of their hopes and dreams for the future and their gratitude for having the opportunity to complete their education in the United States.

In the past year, the AFT has spoken out often to condemn the terrible crimes committed in Chibok and to reaffirm our hope for the missing children's safe return to their homes and families. The AFT has supported the "Bring Back Our Girls" campaign by mobilizing teachers and young people across the country who are making their voices heard through social media, issuing a resolution about the kidnappings, participating in demonstrations, writing letters of protest, and supporting our brothers and sisters in the Nigerian Union of Teachers.

The AFT continues to partner with Amnesty International in the effort to get all the girls reunited with their families.

[Eric Duncan]