AFT Condemns Attacks on Peaceful Egyptian Protesters

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AFT president Randi Weingarten has sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning the "appalling" attacks by pro-government thugs on peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo. The letter was prompted in part by requests from the Egyptian teachers union that the AFT contact Clinton.

"Yesterday," Weingarten wrote in her Feb. 2 letter, "the Egyptian people seemed on the verge of removing their authoritarian leader by peaceful means and beginning the road to democracy. Now, that dream is threatened. The refusal of the army to intervene to restore order is particularly ominous."

Weingarten called on Clinton and the U.S. government to "oppose any attempt by the Egyptian regime to snatch freedom back from the people who have struggled to earn it. Justice demands that we defend the protesters in Tahrir Square as does our basic interest in a stable and peaceful Egypt." [AFT international affairs department]

February 3, 2011