AFL-CIO Launches Web Site Focused on Good Jobs Now

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Good Jobs Now, a new interactive Web site from the AFL-CIO, gives workers, people who have lost their jobs and activists a chance to take action, share their stories, find resources and, most important, be part of a grass-roots movement to help the nation climb out of its 10 million-jobs hole created by the recession.

Launched on Feb. 24, Good Jobs Now's first featured action is a petition calling on Whirlpool Corp. to reverse its decision to close its Evansville, Ind., plant and send work to Mexico, eliminating 1,100 good jobs.

As the AFL-CIO's Good Jobs Now mobilization heats up in the coming weeks, the Web site will let you find events in your area so you can join the growing movement demanding that lawmakers focus on job creation, and hold corporations and big banks accountable for their economic damage.

To help build and connect a community of jobs activists, the site provides an opportunity for people to share their stories, photos and videos of how the jobs crisis has affected them, their families and communities, as well as ideas about the best ways to solve the crisis and help rebuild the middle class.

Good Jobs Now also includes videos from rallies, marches and other jobs-related actions, including a video from a recent Sacramento jobs rally, and several with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka discussing vital economic issues.

There are downloadable tools for activists and union leaders, including information on ways to help families hit by the jobs crisis, developing infrastructure jobs and putting people back to work. Good Jobs Now also features a detailed look at the AFL-CIO's five-point national jobs agenda and its detailed state jobs agenda. [AFL-CIO Now]

February 24, 2010