Apply now for FAST Fund seed funding

Last month, the AFT hosted a webinar about providing emergency funding to students through local Faculty and Students Together (FAST) funds. Matching donations from Sara Goldrick-Rab—a researcher who initiated this project when she was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin—and from the American Federation of Teachers are allowing the fund to expand to other schools. Thanks to these grants, AFT locals can receive up to $5,000 in seed funding for their own FAST Funds.

Whether you were able to join us for that webinar or not the application process is now open. Please return the attached application by Sunday, July 8. We will begin reviewing applications on July 9.

All of us who work in higher education know that many students are one emergency away from leaving college. A car repair or stolen backpack can be the difference between staying in school, and on a path to a more stable life, or dropping out.

But students can get the resources to keep them in class, thanks to an expanding movement of emergency funds organized by faculty union members. FAST funds are donation-based and accessible to students through a simple one page form.

Read more about the difference FAST Funds have made in the lives of students at Milwaukee Area Technical College and Temple University.

We look forward to hearing about your local’s plans for their FAST Fund. Download the application here, and please return to Lisa Handon,, by Sunday, July 8.

Note: Only higher education locals, representing any combination of faculty, graduate employees, professional or classified staff, are eligible to apply.


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