Oppose tax giveaways to the wealthy

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As you’ve probably heard, the Senate passed a tax scheme that will raise your taxes and the national deficit in order to give wealthy corporations a massive tax cut. Much like the House version passed in November, the bill is so bad that they had to pass it in the middle of the night. Now, Congress has merged these bills into one and each chamber must approve before sending to Trump to be signed into law. Their final proposal will amount to a huge giveaway to the rich and big corporations that you’re going to be stuck paying for.
This bill is going to raise taxes on you to pay for tax cuts to those who need them least, increase your healthcare costs and reduce your property values all while preserving loop holes that allow the wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. Not only will this bill increase your tax burden but it will also make it harder for state and local governments to provide vital local services like schools, police and fire.
I encourage you to please contact your members of Congress and ask them to oppose tax giveaways to the wealthy that will be paid for by increases in middle class tax rates.
Call your representative and ask them to stop this bad bill.

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