AFT's Ebola information hotline

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Healthcare workers should not be without the resources, equipment or training they need to protect themselves and the communities they serve from the spread of Ebola. That's why the AFT has launched an Ebola information hotline: 202-393-6300.

This hotline provides a place for frontline healthcare workers to confidentially report concerns that could put them at risk for potential exposure to Ebola, so they can protect themselves, their patients and their communities. The hotline also will support OSHA's push to require health facilities to have Ebola preparedness and response plans.

"Our top priority as the nation's second-largest union of nurses continues to be ensuring the safety of our communities and our nurses and frontline providers," says AFT President Randi Weingarten. "To do so, those frontline providers need training and resources. With OSHA mandating Ebola preparedness plans at every health facility, we wanted to create a resource for nurses and health professionals to turn to if their facility is not providing what is necessary to protect them and their communities."

If you need information or resources on how to contain Ebola in your community, call the AFT Ebola information hotline at 202-393-6300.