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Teaching Values and Virtues

Lesson Plan Activities

Save the Children and the American Federation of Teachers believe that for all children to be successful and productive citizens, key values must be taught, encouraged and nurtured throughout a child's school career. These values are especially important for high-poverty students who are at a higher risk of dropping out of school. Researchers have found that children who exhibit resilience are able to overcome major adversity in their personal lives to achieve success. The values highlighted below are an important part of teaching resiliency to all children, especially high-poverty children.

Included in these activities are references to classic literature, movies, music and art. Many of the references come from past issues of the American Educator on teaching values. The quality and relevancy of these examples are timeless.

Many of you already teach these important values and do so through the use of more modern and diverse works. Please share your examples with us so that we can include them in this section as well. Fill out this quick survey and tell us what additional works you are using and why. If we post your recommendation on the Web site, we'll send you a gift.

The links below will take you to a variety of resources and activities to use with your students to help engage them around these values: