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Working with Related Service Professionals

Students with autism often have related service professionals as part of their educational service delivery team. Effective collaboration enhances outcomes for students with autism. Students with autism may have many professionals responsible for delivering their educational program, including but not limited to: speech/language pathologist, occupational therapist, behavior analyst, physical therapist, psychologist, and social workers. Professionals working in-concert will deliver a more effective educational program.

Opportunities for collaboration include:

  • Develop instructional plans for educational objectives.
  • Collect data on instructional objectives on the same forms. All team members can then review where and with whom progress is being made and where and with whom additional assistance might be needed.
  • Complete assessments together. Utilize standardized and functional assessment information gathered by all team members to inform program development.
  • Establish a time or electronic forum to allow for communication. Share areas of success the student is having as well as collaborate with each other to build cross-disciplinary skills.


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