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Response to Intervention Series

These programs were developed in collaboration with the NEA, AFT and the National Association of School Psychologists; produced by Educational Impact. Both programs are FREE to AFT, NEA and NASP members.

Mastering RTI: A Step-by-Step Approach

Our challenge as educators is to find out how to make each and every student successful in the classroom. RTI (Response to Intervention) is a general education initiative to ensure that all students learn. Building an effective RTI process and a strong RTI team in your school will impact student achievement like never before. Learn more about the RTI process, how to empower teachers, use data to make decisions and develop tiered interventions early.

This comprehensive online program is one of two programs designed for educators to develop an RTI process that will make a difference with struggling students. You will learn will the basic concepts of RTI and how to implement a collaborative team process. In addition, you will deepen your understanding of how to identify students with specific learning disabilities using RTI data. Universal screening, progress monitoring, data-based decision making, scientifically based interventions and fidelity of implementation are just some of the topics covered in this step-by-step online program. This course includes four modules.

Run Time: 4 Hours

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 ** Optional activities and multiple-choice assessments are provided to further enhance your understanding of the key elements.

Mastering RTI2: A Leadership Primer

Closing the achievement gap is critical; an effective RTI process does just that. So why hasn't every district implemented RTI fully and effectively? As you can imagine, change is hard. By viewing this online program, you will learn about the challenges common to RTI implementation and how to avoid the pitfalls. You will be better prepared to manage the RTI process by building collaborative teams and empowering your staff. RTI2: A Leadership Primer has been specifically designed for educational leaders at any stage in an RTI implementation. Whether you are just starting RTI or are well into your 3rd or 4th year, this program will provide you with valuable insights into the components necessary to build a tiered support system.

Run Time: 5 Hours

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* Optional activities include actual work sheets for implementing and evaluating the RTI process in your school system.