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AFT PSRP Publications and Resources

Building Minds, Minding Buildings Greenguide

Building Minds, Minding Buildings:
Our Union's Road Map to Green and Sustainable Schools

This is the second report from the Building Minds, Minding Buildings campaign. It provides information to arm our affiliates in their efforts to promote green school construction and maintenance, and outlines the AFT's recommendations for building or renovating healthy, high performing schools. (2009)


Building Minds, Minding Buildings Crumbling Schools

Building Minds, Minding Buildings:
Turning Crumbling Schools into Environments for Learning

This report provides an overview of the condition of schools, the affect of those conditions on the ability of students to learn and staff to do their jobs; and outlines action for the AFT and our affiliates at the national, state and local level. (2006)



Standards for a Profession Standards for a Profession—AFT’s standards for paraprofessionals

The report of the AFT's Committee on Paraprofessional Certification provides an overview of the AFT’s position on the role and responsibilities of instructional paraprofessionals and the skills and knowledge required to do this important work. (1998)




Skill Standards for Education Paraprofessionals Skill Standards for Education Paraprofessionals

The AFT was the lead organization for a Department of Labor-funded project to define skill standards for paraprofessionals. This research-based document provides criteria on job duties, skills and knowledge and performance standards for the work of paraprofessionals in general education, special education and early childhood programs.(2003)




The Medically Fragile Child: Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs in the School Setting

The Medically Fragile Child: Caring for Children with Special Healthcare Needs in the School Setting

This publication is designed to help teachers, nurses and paraprofessionals meet the challenges of dealing with children who have serious medical problems. It contains information on training, health and safety, and legal rights and responsibilities. (April 2009)



Work Shouldn't HurtWork Shouldn't Hurt

This publication summarizes—by job classification—tasks and activities that can put you at risk for musculoskeletal injuries and provides suggestions you and your union can use to correct hazardous conditions. (2004)





Creating a classroom teamCreating a Classroom Team

Paraprofessional and teacher members of the AFT share their ideas on how classroom teams can make working together work. (2004)





Managing Student Behavior for School SecretariesManaging Student Behavior for School-Based Secretaries

Tips for school secretaries on handling student discipline issues. (2007)






Managing Student Behavior on School Buses

Managing Student Behavior for School Bus Drivers

Tips for school bus drivers on handling school discipline issues. (2007)






Communicating with ParentsCommunicating with Parents: Understanding the Process, Improving Your Skills

Tips for school employees on working with parents. (March 2008)

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