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Healthwire covers news and information relevant to the nurses and health professionals represented by AFT Healthcare. It is published five times a year and is mailed to all healthcare members of the AFT as a benefit of membership. Single copies are free on request. Questions, comments and inquiries about Healthwire should be sent to its managing editor Adrienne Coles.


Safe Patient Handling: A ReportSafe Patient Handling: A Report

AFT Healthcare released a survey March 23 which shows that more than half of registered nurses and X-ray techs have suffered from injuries related to patient lifting, chronic pain or both. The report found that nearly half the RNs and one-third of the techs were considering leaving the healthcare industry because of chronic pain due to patient lifting and handling." (March, 2006)

AFT Nurse Faculty Shortage Task Force Report AFT Nurse Faculty Shortage Task Force Report

The report of the AFT Nurse Faculty Shortage Task Force was approved by the AFT healthcare and higher education program and policy councils at their October 2005 meetings. The report recommends four major policy and workplace initiatives to help recruit and retain nurse faculty in the nation's schools of nursing. (December, 2005)


The Diabetes DilemmaThe Diabetes Dilemma

About one in every 400 school-age child has diabetes. Several state legislatures are being asked to consider legislation that would train nonmedical staff (teachers, paraprofessionals and others) to provide routine and emergency care to students with diabetes. This publication explains why a better solution would be to ensure that school nurses provide this care. (August, 2004)


Every Child Needs a School NurseEvery Child Needs a School Nurse

A brochure describing AFT's campaign to educate policymakers and the public about the significant role that school nurses play in the lives of our nation's children.