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Forming a Union

"I like being connected to early childhood educators throughout the country. I get that by being a member of the AFT/CFT."

- Elaine Merriweather, EC Educator
Treasurer, United Educators of San Francisco, AFT Local 61


"For me, it's not about fighting with my boss over pennies.  It's about winning more resources from government! My  union and my employer can fight together for that."

- Marie Chavez, EC Educator
Secretary-Treasurer, AFT Local 6361


"We work together with the union regularly to resolve workplace problems and to make the centers at South of Market Child Care, Inc. some of the highest quality early chiidhood education centers in the city."

- Noushin Mofakham, Executive Director
South of Market Child Care Inc.

No union has a better record than the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in defending the rights of educators. Members of the AFT have educated American children from their early years through college for almost a century. We know that fighting for our children and ourselves sometimes means speaking up outside the classroom. When we step out as AFT members, we are not alone. Like-minded professionals—1.3 million of them—and a knowledgeable staff stand behind us. From the halls of our centers to the halls of the U.S. Capitol, AFT First Class Teachers is fighting to elevate the status, wages and benefits of early childhood educators.

Early educators and child care providers all over the country are choosing AFT. For more information on forming a union with your co-workers at your job site, complete this online form or call 202/662-4898.

Learn more about how the AFT defends the rights of all educators.