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General: The Special Olympics World Summer Games start June 25 in Athens. Are you a Special Olympics volunteer or coach? Please tell us why you volunteer and the benefits of being involved.

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I have volunteered to participate as a special olympics coach and it was one of the most rewarding times in my life. I volunteered, because I am a teacher of students with special needs. I am also the Aunt of a student with special needs. I did it because I knew I was going to have a wonderful time. I learned so much from the participants. Even a small victory is a great victory for some.


Ivy Bailey
DFT 231
Southfield, MI

I was my niece's coach one year here in New York and it was the best days of my life. Such courage. Best of luck.


Lynda DeLuca
Endicott Teachers Association
Endicott, NY

As a Special Olympics golf coach headed to Athens, the first word that comes to mind is JOY ... at coaching such great athletes who exhibit pure joy at being able to do something as simple as hitting a golf ball. They have taught me more about teaching golf then any book I will ever read or any class I will take. I am proud to be a local program coach and extremely honored to be going as part of TEAM USA!


Pat(ricia) Church
Eugene, OR

I volunteer at the Special Olympics Regional Games every year (for the last 6-7 years) in the golf competition. I do so because my partner, Patricia Church, is the head coach for the Eugene/Springfield golf team. An even more important point is that my partner Pat was selected as a golf coach for Team USA at the 2011 World Games in Athens and will be at the bon voyage event in Baltimore with [AFT secretary-treasurer] Toni Cortese! Go Team USA!!!


Denise Brinkman
LCCEF #2417
Eugene, OR

Currently serving as CVCA Special Olympics Coach for the 2011-2012 school year. Students did not partake in the Summer Olympics, but look forward to winning in Chicago. Look for the CVCA team in Blue and Gold and watch our dust to victory


Annette Robinson
CTU Local #1
Chicago, IL

Every individual has a legitimate right to have access to all educational opportunities.


kadidia Doumbia
Rabun Gap, GA

Good luck to all of you!


Robert P. Bowles
New York, NY

From the community awareness committee of Rowan AFT, best wishes to the Special Olympics!!!


Lori Block
Glassboro, NJ

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