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Teachers: Are school gardens always a good idea?

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School gardens promote community presence and health. There are many children without a clue about plants, vegetables, and soil. They believe vegetables are "grown" in supermarkets. Children experience stress relief and appreciation for non-verbal life forms. Gardens contribute to their emotional intelligence.


Lena Simmons
AFT 4261
Portsmouth, VA

Not one single idea, strategy or ideology - seen alone - is "always" a good idea! Good: When grown organic, when free of pesticides and chemicals, grown in a safe distance form cars, Diesel /gasoline fumes, which could be very harmful if consumed by children. School gardens are a good idea, when it directly involves the Children, when it teaches more environment responsibility and how to successfully -autarkic- feed themselves, School Gardens are also very important, considering the reduced budgets of schools, government and the health benefits for kids. Negative: Schools must inform and be well informed about food allergies.


Erika Endres
Cincinnati, OH

You know, with teacher tenure being attacked and Andrew Cuomo joining the teacher scapegoat bandwagon, I would think there are more important questions to ask on our website than about should we always grow freakin' school gardens???!!! Thanks, Brothers and Sisters in Union Leadership!!


Melody Smith
Liverpool, NY

To say always implies indefinitely, and to imply indefinitely means that money and other resources are "always" going to be there. That is a complete lie, and those that said yes are dreaming


Ken Wiseman
cumberland, WI

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