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Healthcare: What impact has health information technology had on the work that you do?

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Our organization is currently phasing in EMR's and I am on the design team building it. We are an organization with 4 campuses which prior to EMR did not have standardized documentation let alone nursing practice. This has been a challenge to building the EMR and has been frustrating to our team. As staff nurses we know how this will impact our practice and we have been very verbal as to how to stream line the documentation and focus on workflow. We have run into some roadblocks because we are not empowered to make final decisions about the EMR and it has to go back to practice councils and nurse leadership which has no clue as to what we


Pris Searfoss
HPAE local5105
Eastampton, NJ

I work in a VA hospital, ICU. The electronic medical record system is fantastic. I can review notes from other states, ANY and ALL of the medical care my patient has received for the last 10yrs. Can it get anymore comprehensive than that? Pt history, medication records, co-morbidities.... all at my fingertips. The VA here has offered, FOR FREE, to share it's software with a local university-affiliated public teaching hospital with whom we are also tightly affiliated. They declined because hardware and other updates would have been "too costly". Show me where a facility puts it's money and I'll show you what they value.


Tiffany Heinen
VA Staff Nurse Council Local 5032
milwaukee, WI

the internet has been very helpful with my job, finding meds, procedures for better understanding and to pass on to our patients. more technology on our new computer system at work gives more access to more doctors on having information on their patients readily available without always relying on mailing information with follow ups.


judy giberson
HPAE 5105
mount laurel, NJ

We are currently going computer. Very slow transition. Training time well before going live. Lots of us are in the 40-50 year old range, not real computer savy. Hopefully when all components are live, still documenting notes via pen, the computer age will give us more time at the bedside & less at the desk documenting.


Jo Ann Repici
HPAE 5105
Burlington, NJ

As a school nurse the health information technology as helped tremendously. With computer access to health issues I am able to keep abreast of the current information out there, educating myself as well as my students and staff. Gaining access to students statewide immunization records via computers helps a great deal as it cuts down on the constant telephone calls,phone tagging and faxing.This prevents a lot of parent frustration also,for those parents that have lost the paper documentation.


Stephanie Smith
Cleveland Teachers Union
Euclid, OH

I am a high school library media specialist. When I was laid off some years ago from a public school I worked in a hospital library, pre-internet. I can't tell you how great an impact the delivery of information has had on a student's ability to find appropriate information with the help of teacher librarians. Answers to very difficult questions may be found, as well as information to help students and their families be able to speak intelligently with health care professionals.


Judy Schram
Lamphere Federation of Teachers
Huntington Woods, MI

Health information technology enables me to receive value info on my health status, health issues, dates and times of workshops and presentations, etc. It is a quick way to stay somewhat in contact with the results of all medical tests that you take and my doctor. Personally, I used health information technology alot.


Howard kirk
Oxnard Union High School District
Sacramento, CA

Kaiser Permanente has improved their record keeping and information sharing significantly. Previously, if you went to a different facility, they often had no access to your records. Now, they have instant access to previous visits, previous and current prescription records, even comments and notations. Furthermore, the doctor, nurse, or physician's assistant can input information directly and instantaneously. This process saves time and effort and is much more efficient. They can also provide you with information and records to share with other doctors outside the system.


Tim McMullen
El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Rowland Heights, CA

It's made it easier to communicate with the other medical staff at work; patient care has improved because of that.


Elex Tenney
Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals
Beaverton, OR

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