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PSRP/School Support Staff: What will we lose if we lose our school libraries?

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Our democracy relies on citizenship and the ability to access and evaluate information. School libraries are the first place that young citizens learn how to inform and enlighten themselves, to get other points of view. In a time of polarized news sources and invasive corporate influence in educational funding, this is vitally important. School libraries are also the primary resource that enables individualization in education, which lends relevance to each individual's education. Without the resources of school libraries, schools would only be able to serve up a bland menu of curricula to students regardless of individual interests or needs.


Lynn Adams
Trempealeau, WI

School libraries are essential for teaching higher-order skills used for research. These skills are essential for raising test scores. School libraries are essential for promoting and raising literacy among the student population. Parents and the community can become patrons of the library, check out books and set an example for the students of making use of the school library. School libraries are essential in New Mexico, especially, because so many of the public schools are located in rural communities with little or no access to city or county public libraries.


Janis Martinez
Gallup, NM

We will lose students' passion for reading, especially at school. We'll lose a place to encourage creativity, research and educational activities. We'll lose our students to other things besides reading. Reading and a place to find good educational resources are essentials that are nurtured at the LIBRARY.


Jannice Choice
Upper Darby, PA

I developed a passion for literacy in my school library. I remember looking forward to those library visits all week long--relishing the time I would have to peruse the shelves, gazing at the illustrations in picture books or looking for that next volume in whatever series I happened to be reading at the moment. In the library I learned to research my ideas, investigate my questions and follow my dreams. How can we ask our children to embrace the joy of learning if we take away the one place where such independent exploration is possible?


Angela Mitchell
Medford, OR

To lose our libraries is to lose our futures! What replacements do we have that encourage reading for fun? Reading is something that we do every single day of our lives. To take away the libraries is taking away a major component of learning, as well. Our children have already learned to spellcheck on cell phones, use shorthand, if you will, and are losing social skills. What next?


Tracy Pulido
local 691

It would be a crime if they take library time out of our school system. It was a crime when they took art, half time music, one-fifth time gym classes out of our elementary schools. Kids need all these subjects and activities to feel like they can succeed. All students need something they love and can do to make themselves feel worthy and appreciated--to better themselves. Self worth is just as important (actually more important) as math, English, and history. Library time is vital to our children's education and success in life. Every person needs to feel they are good at something. Library is a vital part of our learning system.


martha bernardez
Juneau, AK

We will lose teaching the children how to do research using printed material. We also will lose what is left in our school libraries. Children need to know that books are the best way to gather information and a wonderful way to learn about faraway places. Recently I had a child ask me who Walt Disney was. I think it is very important that children read about our world as it is today, as well as it was many years ago. Libraries hold our history. It is important we keep it alive.


Donna Flanigan
Local 943
Oak Lawn, IL

We will lose the wonder of the child's mind. And history that can only be found in books. Let children use their minds to find the wonder of their imaginations that only books can give them.


Dawn Kunzi
Mineral country school distrit
Hawthorne, NV

If we lose our school libraries, we will lose knowlege management. The collaboration among students and teachers, and the literacy of our population, would not only be hindered and handicapped but damaged to no end. Time cannot make up what is lost when reading is the core for ALL to have a better life. Dr. Martin Luther King stated, "Intelligence plus character is the meaning of true education."


Deborah Byrd
Baltimore, MD

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