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Healthcare: Have you ever worked overtime or through a lunch break at your facility without getting paid?

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Working through lunch break and getting the break time automatically taken out is frequent. Also being "on call" without pay.


Christa Reimer
Waterford, WI

I had work through lunch and wkend with no pay for over time instead of paying us they give day off. I don't need day off to get pay for the over time. why they don't pay? why work hard?


Bienvenido Ruiz
job corp united(06277)
New Haven, CT

Not only do most Chicago Public School Teaching or support service staff typically work overtime and without pay, it is expected. If one questions the need to work overtime and without pay, the response is, "it is only the professional thing to do." No, we are not told that we "must" do so, but, aren't there many ways to communicate that expectancy? The expectancy is commonly communicated, and teachers feel that their job ratings will be affected if they don't comply. Many feel that we are paid sufficiently and with a largesse of dedicated hearts, work the extra time without complaint. Would our critics do so?


Mae Soszynski
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago, IL

This happens all the time. We have a new time clock that automatically deducts a 30min lunch break. We can fill out exception forms to get pay for the 30 min if worked but many nurses will not. They stated that they are made to feel incompetent or unorganized and therefore will work through lunch unpaid. I spoke with the labor board and they said this is illegal. We are constantly working through breaks and lunches. No wonder most nurses are burnt.


Karla Beckert
Willimantic, CT

Isn't illegal for an employee to work 8 hours without a break and/or duty free lunch? On several occassions at my school teachers' planning periods and team planning periods are taken away in the same day. How can this be legal? We have bladder issues due to this type of schedule.


Andrea Fagen
Pascagoula, MS
Pascagoula, MS

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