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Teachers: Have you had an experience with international teacher recruiting? If so, please share your story and impressions.

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I formerly worked at an East Baton Rouge Parish school. I worked alongside two international teachers. When we collaborated for our curriculum, they both complained of being threatened with deportation should they choose to leave a teaching assignment.


James Alidor
East Baton Rouge, LA

I am writing because I wanted to figure out a way to help these teachers from being mistreated. I feel without protection from a US entity, many of these teachers will fail to come forward with their full stories in fear of a) being deported, b) losing their job, c) generating threats against their family at home. Informing the teachers that their accusations will be held in confidence will help protect these teachers and bring more accounts forward. From reading the article in USA Today and from their personal accounts, the mistreatment received should be considered unacceptable in any country, especially in the US.


Jason Serrano
Not Available, NY

We paid in full for the palcement fee for the first year but were never placed. We still have lots of financial debts and obligations in the Phillipines. This is unjust and unfair. We are stressed and anxious along with our respective families back home with what is happening to us. We need justice.


Reymond Sison
Not Applicable, VA

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