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Teachers: Should schools spend more on healthier, sustainably grown food?

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I highly agree that schools should spend more money on healthier foods and they should also remove all soda machines and candy machines. This country is worried about the health of our children they should not be taunted by sugary drinks and snacks at school.


Brittany Reese
mitchell, GA

As an RN for 35 years I NEVER thought I'd live to see a teacher argue against "fresh fruits and vegetables". L. O'Connor's "NO" column,is an appalling example of the "I've got mine, fend for yourself" attitude. 1 in 5 American children are hungry. School meals may be the ONLY good food they get. Her sarcastic reference to "providing hard unripe peach"; her lack of awareness that the nutritional needs of human children are NOT based on district; lack of awareness that "...standard lunch tray fare.." has often, in fact, been no better than the example she put forward as silly; disqualify her from any serious debate about childhood nutrition.


theresa noble
aloha, OR

All schools and public institutions as well should offer healthier food choices for people to make selections from. They should provide nutritional information, especially calorie, fat, salt and cholesterol content for the health benefits of people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and who may be over or underweight. America will never be a healthy nation until this becomes the standard for school cafeterias and public restaurants all over the United States. This is urgent.


Beatrice Y. Rice
PFT Local 3
Philadelphia, PA

If you don't have a healthy, nutritious lunch, you might as well throw the math and language arts lesson out the window. How is money spent on organic and fresh fruits and vegetables a "misappropriation" of funds? What better investment than to spend our money on feeding our children healthy food. I look at the lunch currently being served in my school and I am thankful MY children are not served this food.


Victoria Grant
Staten Island, NY

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