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PSRP/School Support Staff: Tell us your ideas about a living wage, or what's enough money to live on. Is the minimum wage enough?

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A living wage would be far better if it is at least $20 an hour, and that is very low. We are not trying to live like rock stars, just provide a decent way of life for our familes! Where is the love for the working people in the United States of America!


Clinton Mecham
Midvale, UT

I don't feel minimum wage is enough to live on!!! A living wage would be ideal, if indeed the wage was paid the way a living wage should be and went up with the cost of living. Who are we to say what's enough to live on? I have had a 10% salary reduction and have had to adjust my lifestyle. Would I want my 10% back? Yes. Can I use my 10%? Yes. Do I need my 10% back? Yes, I need my 10% and more.


Stephanie Carreker
Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees
Detroit, MI

Minimum wage is not even enough to provide you the minimum of all the necessities you need to survive. Everything in this world is going up except our wages. You can't even afford to buy gas to go to work with a minimum wage salary. Truly, you have to work almost three minimum wage jobs to just pay for shelter, heat, water and electricity. A living wage would be far better if it is at least $14 an hour, and that is very low. We are not trying to live like rock stars, just provide a decent way of life for our families.


Regena Sayles
Detroit, MI

A person cannot survive on minimum wage. A weekly paycheck at minimum wage is not enough to cover our basic needs: rent, food, and transportation. This doesn't even take into consideration emergency events, such as illness or car repairs. Most of our workers are single mothers who must work a second job to survive. Where does this leave our students while their mommy is working? Also, many of our workers receive help from the government in the form of food stamps. Why not just pay us a fair wage, a living wage, in the first place!


Terry Goforth
AFT 4574
Oklahoma City, OK

Living wage vs. minimum wage? There's no comparison to be made! At minimum wage, I could not afford to live on my own, pay my bills, much less eat! I would have to give up my car because I wouldn't be able to afford gas or insurance. I would have to live with a parent, sibling, or adult child. A living wage would give me more of a cushion and allow me to be self-supportive. I have a husband who has a part-time job and is retired with Social Security benefits. If I didn't have his help, I don't know what I'd do. Most of the time there's more month left over than money.


Cheryl Solis
San Antonio Alliance
San Antonio, TX

It is a sad sign of our times, when we, as support staff, do not make enough to provide basic necessities and yet are so relevant to helping our educational profession survive. My salary is at the highest it can go since I have 28 years in as a clerk and I struggle from payday to payday while everything around me is on the rise: food, gas, and insurance, to name a few. To make it harder, I have to stay at a profession that I do not value any longer since my retirement will put me on the streets. Please help with a living wage for those who are less fortunate, teaching assistants, custodians, and cafeteria workers who make one-third of what I do.


Vivian Smith
Houston Federation of Teachers
Manvel, TX

I support having a living wage, $20 and up. The minimum wage just isn't enough for people to make do on and function in today's world. If schools and other businesses want to make more money and cut uneeded expenses, then they should invest in the very people who allow them to make that happen, their workforce. An investment in teachers is an investment in schools. A living wage for teachers and others in the labor force is a means to that end.


Luke Rondinaro
Watkins Glen , NY

No, minimum wage is not even close to enough to survive today. My biggest concern is the price of food, housing and utilities. If these items do not match the minimum wage for a majority of Americans, how can we expect anything to get better? Living on minimum wage, working a standard 40 hours a week is barely enough to pay rent and utilities let alone food. It is a sad day in America when after working a long week, going to the grocery store is so depressing.


Sheila Long

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