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General: What does Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket mean for your family, your job and your community?

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It means that any pretense of caring for the middle class has been totally invalidated. Be afraid middle class. BE VERY AFRAID!


Anthony DiRienzo
East Aurora, NY

We all agree that our current system of entitlements needs to be reformed. However, we need to do so responsibly. We can't radically change policies that will destroy the fabric of our Democracy. We can't afford to reduce educational needs, Social Security, and public services in order to maintain the lifestyles of the rich and influencial. Congress must restore confidence in the American Dream. We need to set priorities on what's important. Jobs, education, and technology or government subsidies for the "oil-rich and infamous."


John Boddie
PHila Federation of Teachers
Philadelphia, PA

Romney agrees with the Ryan mastermind behind the exreme GOP budget plan and says it would be "marvelous" if the Ryan budget would be adopted. The Medicae system would be the end of the present system and seniors would be responsib le for thousands of dollars in health care, plus the wealthy would benefit and greater burdens would be placed on the middle class. If people would just think and know what would be in store if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins.


Judith Dunn
Salina, KS

Romney and Ryan define success in terms of dollars and cents. That is generally what the GOP is about- money. Romney's Bain Capital certainly is an example of this- profit is more important than people. Ryan's budget plan is also an outrageous example of a policy that would devastate an already struggling working/middle class and those in the most need. But Romney and Ryan, the good Christians they are, don't care about things like the tribulations of the working poor, children without health insurance, services to seniors...They care about the bottom line, dollars and cents...Every man for himself...Yeah, that's Christian!



I've heard a lot of talk regarding Social Security and Medicare and its effect on seniors should there be cuts. No one, however, appears to be talking about people like me, who cannot work due to a medical condition and whose only income is Social Security Disability and who also rely on Medicare and Medicaid for our medical care. I have AIDS. I also suffer from Bipolar Disorder. These two conditions require medications that are extremely costly. Losing my coverage for these meds could leave me in a mental hospital or dead. Apparently neither Romney nor Ryan give a damn about people like me.


Scott Amundsen
Oneonta, NY

It means the potential for the loss or cut in my spouse's pension, increase in medical care.. possible cut in our potential Medicare reimbursement which we are just starting with my spouse's program. Also the possible increase in job loss in the community.


Barbara Lipa
west seneca
alden, NY

What does Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket mean for my family and jobs and community? Disaster,Doom Day.


Carolyn Barrett
North Syracuse, NY

Any plan to reduce our Social Security and/or Medicare would have a devastating effect on our retirement.


Harold Buttitta
3 Village School District
Boynton Beach, FL



rosemary hancock
parma, OH

It means that the GOP Republican party cares more for the rich and Corporations than they do the average, taxpaying voting American citizen. They would rather send this country down the road to failure by killing off all routes to equal opportunities and success for all -- supporting extractive political and economic institutions to preserve the rich -- because they just don't care about us, the 99%. The GOP Republican party has become a rotten bunch of fascist Dominionist Banksters and the Koch Brothers are their poster children!


Ken Crawbuck
Friday Harbor, WA

A total disaster in terms of aid o education, the environment, Social Security and Medicare.


Richard Currie
Staten Island, NY

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