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General: What do you think about extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and ending tax breaks for the richest 2%?

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It is time goverment stop stealing from the Middle class and the poor!


Inez Moreno
Chicago, IL

The Envy that I see in all of these comments is atrocious. The Top 2% pay 25% or more of all the income taxes in this country. To constantly be on the trail of the "rich" will never solve this country's problems. If we took all of their money it would not pay for the spending that our country is now putting upon us. We will be another Greece if we do not get this mess under control. Focus on the real problem. Do not live beyond your means and don't expect other people to pick up the tab for your excesses.


Loren Bell
Loren Bell
Tyler, TX

The middle class is the driving force in US ecomomic growth, not the top 2%


Linda Bitter
Spokane, WA

I think it is an important first step in recognizing that the majority of America needs a break...while the top 1% do not.


Kirsten Ostrofsky
Copiague TA
e northport, NY

I wholeheartedly support the President's call for Congress to end the Bush tax breaks for the richest 2%. Those tax breaks have sapped our national resources and hobbled the federal government's ability to invest in education reform, alternative sources of energy, repair our highways and bridges, and build new schools and housing, all of which would create high paying jobs that sustain a strong middle class. Under our constitution, our federal government (both the Legislative and Executive branches) is supposed to provide for the "general welfare" and "common defense", not the welfare and defense of a small group of rich people.


Karen Mainor
Phila. Federation of Teachers
Philadelphia, PA

Tax cuts for the middle class must be extended (until at least the recession ends) but tax breaks for the richest 2% needs to end immediately.


Michael Kerr
Keyport, NJ

Tax cuts for all should be ended. These tax cuts were unwise in 2001 and make even less sense now.


Claudia Curley
New York State United Teachers
Watertown, NY

Keep the current tax rates for the middle class and reinstate the tax rates for the upper income brackets, including closing the ridiculous loop holes that allow people like Romney to pay only 13% (by his own admission).


Willy Rensenbrink
Grand Junction, CO

I think this is the way it should be. I don't mind paying taxes as long as the money goes to programs that actually help communities like education and public services. The rich have the same obligation that I do only they should pay a larger percentage of the taxes since they make most of the money.


Miriam Kirby
Vancouver, WA

Why just the top 2%? Why not the top 5-10%? The middle class has been shrinking for about 30 years while a small percentage of the ultra wealthy have an ultra large share of the wealth. Taxing these few will not stop them from spending, though they will gripe about it. Expanding the middle class means more will have disposable income to spend, and more importantly, to save for the future.


Jo Ann Martinez
Corpus Christi, TX

Here we are in December 2012 and our "do-nothing- congress" still has not resolved what the majority(according to poles) of Americans have already resolved. The 98%, not the 2% of rich Americans need the tax breaks NOW.


Evelyn Foreman
DFT 231
Detroit, MI

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