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Early Childhood Education: What action has your state legislature taken this session on early childhood programs?

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Not many changes have been made to legislation on early childhood in Utah this year. However, I have seen a trend where students are becoming less able to deal with the stresses that come in subsequent school years. We push kids too hard too soon. A full day of kindergarten is too much. Reverting to the half-day would better transition kids into school as well as save money, since the cost of a teacher would be cut in half.


Debra Scovill
Debra Scovill
Price, UT

Good question, very important but rarely discussed as a "priority" issue. Glad to see it's being included. I would also be curious to know if any of the commenters here support universal preschool, and what their thoughts are about that.


Staci Bechard
Great Falls, MT

From what I have read, the New York legislature has done zero for early childhood programs. With the new tax levy burden placed upon school districts in New York, several are forced to cut pre-K programs and go back to half-day kindergarten. This is a travesty! The new demands placed on children and teachers by the Common Core make it virtually impossible to cover the curriculum these children need to succeed under Race to the Top without pre-K and full-day kindergarten programs. The ultimate travesty is that it is just BAD PRACTICE not to have these programs. We need to stand up for what's best for children and not what's cheaper.


Tara Molloy-Grocki
Guilderland Teachers' Association
Albany, NY

Our system continues to fund universal pre-k, although additional funding is needed to be able to meet the program guidelines.


Robert Gundling
Washington, DC

Our state has cut funding everywhere, including early childhood programs, and thus our school district has cut these programs. We used to have Pre-K 3-year-old and 4-year-old programs, for several years, full day due to grants. Upon losing grants, only full day 4-year-old; upon losing more funding we also lost our pre-K 3-year-old program and 4's went to half day. It's sad because the difference the early childhood programs make in helping the children be successful in school is amazing.


Tammy DeRamus
Lake Worth, TX

Our state has taken a giant step backward and is making it harder for chldren to attend public preK programs. This is incredibly short-sighted. PreK should be available to any child whose parents can't afford it.


Jane Clunie
Chapel Hill, NC

CA's legislature recently overrode the governor to continue implementing transitional kindergarten. The legislators thought it was unfair to stop the process now that many districts have geared up to provide transitional kindergarten.


Jan Zlotnick
AFT #2121
Sebastopol, CA

New York State has decreased the money provided for child care in New York State and New York City. They are looking for ways to consolidate services, getting more for less, but maintaining the current level of services. I believe they have ordered these cuts because they really don't have a realistic idea about how child care functions. It is unfortunate that decisions are often made by people who don't understand how the program they are cutting actually works.


Jearline Epperson
Hempstead, NY

In Florida, the state continues to cut funding for early childhood education. At the same time they increased the number of students required by early childhood providers in order to receive funding. As providers accepted more students, the need for funding increased. Talk about a bad plan!!


Grace Ann Cabrera
Orlando, FL

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