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Higher Education: What is your college doing about preparing students for careers?

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Continuing to offer courses with limited value to students and meet the needs of the Professor, rather than the student.


Robert Gundling
Washington, DC

seems to me, higher education should be a choice for outstanding people willing to finannce it and capable of affording the forces of free markets upon graduation, but if the state is going to get involved in education, it should be up to a performance level only, i mean, to prepare individuals for the market forces (social, not persnal aspirations curriculums); higher education could be achieved individually through self financing and self study. the involvement of government in education should be the minimal possible.


francisco mojica
orlando, FL

Our college is preparing students for careers by *having a Career Center available for students *having a test available for students to take and see what their interest are *having a Career Day on Campus *offering practicum, clinical experience in the students field of major/study *community business agreements with the college for internships for students *community business mentoring programs for students


Tina Heber
Portland, OR

We have got to stop framing higher education in a job training context and get back to framing it as being able to think, learn and create. You cannot predict what types of jobs will be around 20 years from now but you can predict that a well-functioning member of any successful business will be a good thinker, creator and learner.


Randall Knight
Canton, MI

My college, in response to statewide ed. budget cuts, is helping students prepare for computer science careers (my area) by radically increasing class sizes, firing contingent faculty who bring valuable industry expertise in the classroom, arranging for carefully designed labs to become overcrowded to the point of uselessness and cutting back resources for program and career counseling. All this is true, except that of course this undermines career preparation in fact. But the 1% have been spared some tax increases on their mushrooming wealth and that's what the pols care about. Our union is resisting-- I hope we can mitigate some of this.


David Arnow
Brooklyn, NY

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