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Teachers: Should students be required to take the SAT or ACT, and apply to college, before graduating?

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My knee-jerk response is "No". That would just continue pigeonholing kids into the same old cookie cutter mold of requirements in our educational system, which are not appropriate for all students. Now, if, as teachers are expected to differentiate instruction and assessment, at the State level they allowed for differentiaion via truly separate academic and vocational programming as is done in other countries, then I could agree with requiring the SAT or ACT and college applications for students in the academic track. In a top down run educational system the top should lead by example and model the differentiation that they expect of us.


Kevin Stockman
Queensbury, NY

I am a student myself, and I believe that it is necessary to take the SAT or ACT test. It takes place over the course of a week and doesn't take that long. Also, I think that it is well deserved to be allowed to apply to college early on.


Ricki Fehrenbacher
Hayden, ID

College is not an appropriate choice for every individual. It would make more sense to require that students attend all classes on time with few absences. This would help them while in high school and develping this habit should help them after graduation whether they go on to college or join the workforce. Not all students can excel academically but absent a medical problem or extenuating circumstances, they should all be able to be punctual and present in all classes.


K. Crowley
New York, NY

When I graduated from high school, the question was which college are you going to, not what career are you aiming for? Too much emphasis is placed on college. College is not for everyone. Over the years, I have met many successful people that have great, satisfying, productive careers and did not go to college. There are many students that barely make it out of high school and I am not referring to their grades. In their own words, they just are the "book learning" type. Think of the people that keep our lives going, our cars running, build and repair our houses. Not everyone needs a college education. Maybe later in their lives.


Carlynne Allbee
La Mesa, CA

I think it okay to have the school district pay for the SATs, but don't disrupt the whole school day for a few students made to take a test. We already use up six weeks to testing.


Francisco Blasco
Houston, TX

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