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General: What are your thoughts on President Obama's State of the Union address?

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It does not matter what Obama said last night. AFT should stand strong behind Ron Paul!


jeanne DeVincent
monongalia county wv
Morgantown, WV

I agree with President Obama on the education topic he referred to and feel that schools need to put more emphasis on science and mathematics. I think students need to be taught science at the youngest age possible. It is imperative that students are introduced to science in the preschool age level and intensify it in the third grade. It can be done by mixing reading with science so students can continue to improve the reading and learn the science needed for the future of our country. States need to do their part in financing the teaching materials being used for teaching science through reading. The President feels science is necessary.


Maria Dorr
Yoakum`, TX

I thought that President Obama's speech was wonderful. I hope that keeping costs down does not mean laying off professors at universities. I also appreciated the statements about not bashing teachers or teaching to the test. How about not holding teachers hostage to students test scores? My students are low academically. I love working with them, but I am concerned that their performance will be an indictment of me as a teacher. My kids have no foundation, and I am trying to put a huge roof on a shaky foundation. They can not possibly perform on the standards that have been set for them by the State of Florida.


Esther Garvett
Miami, FL

I was favorably impresses with the President's speech, as I usually am. I wish that I could believe that he will be able to accomplish the goals he has set. Unfortunately, I felt the same when he was campaigning for election. I believed then that he would not be able to meet his goals, and he did not do so. I think that it is a shame that our government, as a whole, is highly ineffective, primarily because there is so much pandering to vested interests. We need another FDR or JFK, and Mr. Obama does not seem to fit the bill. I hope that the electorate of this country is not influenced by the claims being made by the president's opponents.


Joy Internicola
North Tonawanda, NY

I can't believe NEA endorsed Obama. I've voted as a Democrat my whole life, I'm from Wisconsin. I've had enough. Obama is bad 4 education and Arne Duncan needs improvement. I collect signatures, I knock on doors, I make calls, I give money. I also don't support enemies and Obama is no friend of education. SOTU? I'll believe Obama's rhetoric when bankers pay up and/or go to jail. Hard to regulate bankers who pay for your reelection.


Julie Grimme
Milwaukee, WI

Same old education double-talk. "No more teaching to the test." Right. Both RTTT and the NCLB waiver process require teacher evaluations that include student test score data. Do they think teachers are nuts? If your job depends on test scores you are going to teach to improve test scores. I will hold my nose and vote for the guy. But, please, don't ask me to work for him. He doesn't work for me.


Gary Ravani
CA Fed pf Teachers
Petaluma, CA

Though the president said we should not teach to the test, his administration's policies call for states to evaluate teachers and principals, and close schools, based on test scores. These two things do not match, and put conscientious teachers in a terrible bind. Our students, especially those in poverty, are suffering as a result.


Anthony Cody
Willits, CA

I've been asking all my legislators for years to make the age for a person to leave school be raised to 18. No child should be allowed to quit.


Harriet Knevals
NTU Local 481
Morristown, NJ

Glad to hear him stress education and the impact of good teachers on all of us. Proud of him as our President and proud to be a retired teacher!


sheila Young
south colonie TA
holden beach, NC

It is a sad commentary on this country when we pay entertainers and athletes more than teachers. I was very impressed and inspired by President Obama's SOTU address.


Henry Owen
UPI Local 4100
Charleston, IL

I wish the President would address the GPO government pension offset which in only seven states widowed teachers lose most or all of their husbands social security . This is one of the most unfair laws for the widows of these states as all the rest of the country is free of this law. Is this law even constitutional as written.


Barbara Lurie
Barbara Lurie
Beachwood, OH

It's amazing how clueless our President can be, after spending 3 years in office. The economy is not good, not strong, unemployment is near 20%. Maybe spending less time wasting our hard-earned tax dollars on his golfing outings and seeing the mess most Americans are in. He is pushing merit pay and everything else that will lead to the destruction of our schools and our teaching profession. We need jobs and energy independance so what does he do, veto the Keystone pipeline. Taxing rich people is not the solution, I learned that in Econ 101 in 1969. What happens when their money is gone?? Yep, he'll tax us middle class teachers.


Rick Tussing
Long Beach, CA

Why would any teacher vote for the Republican candidate? None of them are supportive of teachers, and all would cut funding for education.


Jacquelyn Stowers
Houston Federation of Teachers
Houston, TX

I agree with President Obama that testing has stifled creartivity and in depth learning. Why does he continue with his Race to the Top program for government funding? Race to the Top relies on test scores. There has to be another way to spread funds around to states and local schools.


Norma Foege
Rye, NY

I was very impressed by Obama's SOTU speech and his emphasis on public education. Nothing is more important to the success of our economy and our democracy than strong public education. I taught in the Petaluma schools for over 40 years, served as a union negotiator for many of those years and always was involved in teacher professional development, including ER&D for AFT. I believe that is the secret to developing and supporting highly proficient public school teachers. The union needs to take a lead role in providing teachers with the skills, knowledge and technology needed for a top educational system in our country.


georgia squires
Petaluma Federation of Teachers
sonoma, CA

I think that President Obama's exhortation to respect educators and his assertion that education is more than testing show that he expects to dupe the American people once again. Who created a program to send states large sums of money--but only after they revamp their schools and staffs to focus on test scores? I am most impressed by his ability to misrepresent himself so artfully.


Elizabeth Shanklin
Riverdale, NY

We should stand behind President Obama so his plans for our future can be implemented. Such a long time to get to this mess, he should be given more time to clean things up............. It would be nice if the Republicans would work with him and not make their sole mission to defeat him in the next election. They have wasted so much valuable time. Perhaps some things will need some adjustment and improvement but even that is better than doing nothing.


Charles and Susan Bolesh
Potsdam, NY

Strong, decisive, compassionate, aggressive, inspiring. True leadership, of which I'm very proud, and for which I'm very thankful.


Paul Ladniak
Woodridge, IL

He addressed the issues I was hoping he would! Very good and inspiring. He should stay on top of things and continue to counter GOP opposition every step of the way! The chief GOP argument is going to be about the deficit and spending. As long as Obama can reasure the public that he has things under control I think he will easily win the next election.


Carla Edwards
San Diego, CA

I agree with Ralph Nader's assessment. First, the emphasis on phony militarism was appalling. Second, the stuff on the economy was just empty words. We all know that President Obama and Candidate Obama are not the same. I am going to vote for the Green party.


janet maker
los angeles
los angeles, CA

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