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General: How you have been affected in this economy and what you want to hear from President Obama during his State of the Union address?

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I am 'lucky' b/c I am retired and receiving soc. security. In 2 more yrs I receive Medicare. The issue is I am upset that my children and their children won't have what I have. They and all others like them WILL be affected. Now my daughter-in-law is having a hard time teaching b/c the jobs are scarce. SHe is hired, fired, and in an endless cycle.I think we're all so into ourselves that we see no sense of urgency until it affects us personally. There but for the grace of God go I. We must walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Obama needs to keep talking the talk. Congress needs to walk the walk! Pass the Jobs Bill!!! We need help here!


Joanne Schryver
Shirley, NY

My husband and I have worked hard and are nearing retirement age. It is distressing, and frightening, to see the negative impact the poor economy has had on our retirement investments. Rather than looking forward to a time to share new experiences as we age together, we're thinking about how to earn extra money to close the financial gap and pay for increasingly costly health benefits. One or both of us may even have to rethink our ability to retire! The next generation should have an opportunity for a productive career and financial well being, but if the baby boomer generation is unable to stop working, where will the jobs come from?


Diane Conklin
United University Professions (UUP)
Liverpool, NY

Age discrimination. The elderly are employable. Will probably get to work on time, mature and come with a set of skills. Find a way to protect citizen identities on the superhighway - the internet. Based on best learning times for children in education - change the attitude towards education and change the educational structure, as well as school day hours.


V. Marie Bellamy
Bowie, MD

I am a single mother with a son in college. The costs of books, gas, insurance for car, etc. Food prices have gotten ridiculous. I am a teacher and make a decent wage but we are always behind. I clearly do not understand how people making less are surviving. And some Republican candidates pay 15% tax? I know their income was previously taxed but our system has to change. I pay more in taxes. Please stand up for the middle class or there will not be one. I worry for my children. Please think of their future as well. Teresa Mellies


Teresa Mellies
Lockport Education Association
Lockport, NY

-Point out the simple facts that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy DID NOT create jobs; that $10 trillion of the $14 trillion deficit is due to the borrow and spend republiCON Presidents Reagan, Bush and Bush and GOP Congresses. -That we have seen 22 consecutive months of private sector job growth under his leadership, in spite of unprecedented republiCON obstruction. -Highlight the SUCCESSES of the Auto industry loan (it wasn't a bailout) and of the Affordable Care Act. These are just a few. Thank you so much for the opportunity for average Americans to voice our opinions. Enjoy the rest of the day!


Paul Ladniak
Woodridge, IL

Please adress 1) income inequality, 2) Net Neutrality, 3) Taxing TheWealthy, 4) Citizens United 5) Closing Guantanamo and NDAA Also-- Please read Diane Ravitch --new book-- and consider appointing someone NEW to head the Department of Education Please stop drone warfare on Pakistan--babies and other innocents get killed or their lives are ruined


Melinda Cespedes
Sausalito, CA

There is more to what needs to be said by President Obama than what the AFT insists its members focus on. These are issues that don't get a lot of "air-time" or media attention, but they loom over our heads like an approaching, dark storm. We ignore them, to focus inanely, and myopically, on things like "jobs" and "unemployment" at our risk. In the long run, they bode far more peril to our lives than the topics that the AFT would love us to jawbone endlessly about. They are: 1) Peak Oil - We are running, inexorably,out of petroleum, without which civilization grinds to a halt. 2) Overpopulation - The earth is finite - get used to it.


James Close
Public Employees Federation
Mechanicville, NY

Mr. President at the State of the Union Address I like to know what is going to be done about the 99% in this country? Also, Education. Teachers being laid off affect students getting an education. If this country is to be competitive with other nations, students must be prepare and have a quality education. The state of Illinois needs more teachers and smaller classes. Students are the future of toworrow and the future for all of us will depend on the education students receive today. Public education is a must.


AFT, Local 604
Romeoville, IL

Tougher rules and guilelines for illegal individuals. Less entitlement programs for those who choose not to work. A limit on unemployment benefits. Tougher scrutiny of Federal Budget... no more grants for "shrimps on treadmills", when my benefits are being cut. Fair wages for the american workers. Repercussions for businesses that take their "jobs" out of the country. No more Wall Street Bail outs or big business bailouts i.e. Solyndra. Fairness for the little business owner! Unionism is not a dirty word or being a union member is nothing to be ashamed of! Support Collective bargaining and condemn the legislation of benefits and wages!!!


Lori Block
Pitman, NJ

I would like him to address the income tax variations. It seems like those who could use the breaks are the ones who get taxed more. Those who make over a million dollars get tax breaks. they can afford to pay what we have to pay and then the government might be a little better state financially.


ruth Claus-Wilke
Lowell, IN

president said our health care would not go up -- for the last two years ours has gone up over 30 percent -- I am tired of the lies from this administration -- I feel our union should back the canidate who is the best for the country not just the union itself


sanford strum
Western Suffolk BOCES
wyndanch, NY

The economy has not affected me as much as my children and grandchildren. Each of my children and their spouses has worked hard to earn a bachelor's degree or more, yet they cannot earn enough to achieve the standard of living that my husband and I have. My grandchildren have to qualify in a lottery to have the privilege of attending a high quality public school. We need schools that are free to innovate in creative ways, not be burdened by endless testing. We need pulic schools, not charters, that provide excellent education to every child, every day.


Linda Engelhard
Dallas, TX

After years of reckless spending at both the federal and state levels, the politicians are looking for scapegoats. States such as Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois are trying to blame public employees for our financial problems. The public employees had nothing to do with causing this mess. I have taught for 32 years and have always paid my fair share towards my pension. Now the politicians want to take away our collective bargaining rights and blame us for the state's financial woes. The Washington politicians want to balance the budget on the backs of seniors. The President needs to stick up for the middle class and seniors on January 24th


Renee King
Shorewood, IL

I would like to hear the president say that he is finally getting serious about the biggest problem and drain on America's economic resources... Illegal immigration. If he is in any way serious about stopping the REAL problems of this country, securing our borders... REALLY securing our borders, that is, is where it all must begin. Up to 25% to 30% of the entire population of Mexico is now in the U.S. The borders are a sieve for illegal drugs and millions of humans in a bloodless invasion coming this way and illegal guns going south. End this madness now, PLEASE!


Cory Stone
El Paso, TX

Please explain and verify the truth about how the economy took a down-turn. People need to be educated. Many do not understand that our current strife is not your fault nor the fault of your administration, nor the fault of the poor taking from the rich. Please put all of this in perspective so that the average Joe will know the truth. People also need to know that the lack of progress is because Reublicans have selfishly and consistently blocked all of the good things you are trying to do which is downright unpatriotic!! Thanks!!


Carla Edwards
San Diego, CA

I would like the President to address specifically the issue of TRUST that has been lost by the 98% in our ability to be included in or paid attention to by the "Powers That Be on Wall St." - and what this leads to in loss of FAITH in national politics.


Susanna de Falla
Albuquerque, NM

I would like to hear about his efforts to help education, and uphold the right of people to form and join unions.


Diane Cherry
Denver Public Schools
Denver, CO

say without equivocation that Social Security and full Medicare benefits will not be weakened or reduced in any way - period. go after the top 1% - prosecute the banks and Wall Street - get trillions of dollars into the coffers that way - no problem - you know it's true. thank you.


constance kosuda
Tualatin, OR

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