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Public Employees: What is the most pressing issue facing public employees in 2012?

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The most pressing issue would be cuts to pay and benefits. If the country wants better teachers, it needs to pay for them. However, in my state of Florida, the state cut teacher pay two years ago by 3 percent. While the governor is now proposing to raise it, another bill is working its way through the house to switch the pension to a 401K for new hires.


John Stewart
Marion Education Association
Citrus Springs, FL

In 2012 the most pressing issue facing public employees is the relentless efforts of right wing conservatives to undermine the progress made by educators. Michigan's Legislature is a good example as they seek to use Legislation HB6004,HB1358,SB5923, and distorted interpretations of achievement data to turn public schools over to for profit corporations during a a political lame duck rush before its new legislators take office.


Evelyn Foreman
DFT 231
Detroit, MI

I am most concerned about the loss of the pension that I paid into all of my professional career. I did what I needed to do, the pension board did what it needed to do, but the state fell short of its obligations. I am very worried that I will be left penniless due to the lack of responsible stewardship of the state of Illinois.


Esther Allman
Frankfort, IL

The most pressing issue public employees face today is the unrelenting attack from today's Republicans. We are constantly being told how greedy we are, how worthless we are, how unnecessary we are, by the right wing. Many of us do the jobs no one else would do (i.e. custodians, garbage collectors, bus drivers, etc.) and without us, much of the world would look very different. We need to fight back and show the public all we do for them.


Michael Schmitz
Owens Support Staff Union Local #6325
Waterville, OH

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