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General: What are your thoughts on the Iowa Republican Caucus results, and which issues would you like the Republican candidates to address as this nominating process continues?

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President Obama doesn't seem to be on our side either. It's extremely important for teachers to have their own plan. For example, if teachers are to be evaluated on the basis of student progress, then an individually administered achievement test must be given to EACH child in the fall and again in the spring. The test must be secure and administered by a trained professional. Also, each test must be geared to the child's level of achievement so that if a sixth grade child is reading on a first grade level, the test must be sensitive to that fact.


Linda Johnson
NEA Retired
Long Beach, CA

IOWA was not surprising. What the candidates need to address are the facts about how the economy works and what really creates jobs. Santorum can't be allowed to say "I believe" without being challenged to explain the reasons for his belief. Lower taxes don't create jobs on their own and no one can find a small business owner who is willing to publicly say that they make job creation decisions based on tax rates. Romney can't claim that his experience in the private sector created jobs when Bain was in the layoff business to blster stock prices so Romeny and his investors could reap short term profits.


Marc Korashan
Brooklyn, NY

Ron Paul is the only Rep. candidate I would consider voting for over the incumbent. He intends to give control of Education "back to parents and teachers on the local level."


J Aaron
PFT, AFT Local 3
Philadelphia, PA

Since there is not one candidate running on the Democratic side or the Republican, I think we need to be realistic about finding the best among those who are running. ' My priority would be to help all of the candidates understand that AFT members want to be part of the process of making our schools better. We actually have a better handle on the individual student, and their needs, than do the politicians. As a Republican, I do not like being told none of the GOP candidates stand with us. I read the quotes, and found I agreed with much of it.


Albert Notter
OSEA 7632
Oregon City, OR

Why are most Republican Leaders union busters? Also, why does Socialism continue to be a them with them? I lived under a social system in Munich, Germany from 1975 to 1981, and even as a foreigner, was able after passing a touch language test to get a MA of Architectural (Diplom Ingenier Architekt) Degree from the Technische Universitaet in Munich for virtually nothing. Health insurance was not a problem, either. Why are Republicans trying to scare American citizens into believing that Health Care Reform is something bad for the United States? And I still want to know why the war in Iraq is not pointed out a a major reason for US debt.


Robert A Schaefer Jr
ACT/UAW, Local 7902
New York, NY

The only candidate who addresses the real issues is Newt Gingrich. I do not agree with all he supports, but the truth is this nation is in serious trouble. Over 15 trillion in debt and yet we send hard earned tax dollars to other countries and finance programs in the U.S. that kill the incentive to work. Cut the unemployment after 1 year and people will go to work SOMEPLACE. Support 1 child with WICK & food stamps, any after that they should be responsible for. Get off the worker's back and stop entitlements for the unworthy. Provide job training in middle & high schools!! America was built by responsible people!!


Ken Augenstein
Lake Charles, LA

I live smack dab in the Central Valley in California. If anyone has a job here, they are counted among the most fortunate. Everyone's home here is underwater. Many of us who are considered middle class do not qualify for any of the home loan modification programs due to the fact that we still have a job. What are these Republican candidates concrete plans to help alleviate the economic and housing crisis in this region? If they can make me a believer, they have my vote. Otherwise, I'll vote for my President, Barack OBAMA!!!!


Cecilia Chaves
Local 2424A
Ceres, CA

I have never voted Republican. I have never known a republican that was on the side of educators, students, or the middle class.It is time for the 99% to take a stand against those that would destroy public education.


Sandra Bradley
San Felipe, TX

It is hard to weed them out when you only have a field of thistles. Bring on the Obama Round-Up


Steven Lesan
Kansas City, MO

Is this what we what to teach our future children about leadership???? Well then maybe our present leaders need to be re taught how to act and respresent our country. It is a shame that we pay these people for being in their offices. They do not work for us, just want to gain more fortune for themselves and to embarass our country more and more each day.


Richard Burkowicz
Whitesboro, NY

The Caucus showed Republican weakness in that they are not united behind one candidate. I would like to see them address collective bargaining and equity for contingent faculty in Higher Education.


William Lipkin
United Adjunct Faculty of NJ
Parsippany, NJ

I would like to hear the Republican candidates speak to the progressive concept of 'teacher leaders' within the educational framework of public education.


B. Scott
UFT local 2
Irvington, NY

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