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Healthcare: What effect do you think healthcare reform will have on your job?

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Obama Care will cause many employers to opt for paying the penalty instead of covering their employees health insurance kicking them out to government offerings. Our institution has already decreased their coverage and requires us to pay $2500.00 per year out of pocket and it is expected to rise next negotiation cycle. I have a 21 year old son who has cerebral palsy and his equipment needs (electric and manual wheel chairs) are being severely limited in coverage.


Anne Hauser
Roscommon, MI

As a Catholic, I can not support Obamacare in its mandate to make employers financially pay for contraception, sterilization, and the morning after pill (abortion). This is an infringement on freedom of religion. No waiver was given for the Catholic Church, whose primary mandate is the dignity of life, but waivers were given to Obama supporters. 20% of the waivers were in Nancy Pelosi's district. This is shameful. The government's role is to protect the liberties afforded to the people which are stated in our Constitution. Nothing more. I pray for the future of this country.


Susan Copeland
Kalamazoo, MI

As a Health Educator, I can truthfully say that I am doing (or at least trying) my best to educate my students on best preventive healthful practices so that the need for that very costly remedial healthcare will be minimized ! Author of: "Teaching: Not For Dummies // Substance Abuse Awareness: A Guidebook" 888-795-4274


Prof. P J Gammarano
Brooklyn, NY

The healthcare reform act is already increasing our preminums. The bill was poorly written and now we are learning more and more. They were in such a damn hurry to write it and kept it secret until it was passed. Now look at all the businesses that have an exemption because they can't afford it. DAH????? Come see what we have done with our insurance trust. We have a say so in our insurance and not the state or the federal govt. The more involve our people are the more we take ownership of our health and healthcare costs. This healthcare reform is going to make me pay higher preminums. It will make the schools pay more & cut jobs, & programs


Gayle Green
Local 1395
Valparaiso, IN

Hopefully, it will give the current providers competition by giving us choices. When we can be more selective, it forces the current providers to go down on the cost of premiums.


Fern Michel
AFT - Alief
missouri city,, TX

I am praying that it will make me have to pay less than the 575.00 I pay each month to cover my husbands health insurance. Also, maybe my son who is 35 will be able to affords insurance.


Cheryl Carr
St. Charles, MO

Being in Health Care for 40 years. It will have a BIG IMPACT. seeing so many children who do not go to the Dr. due to No monies or health insurance.and somany eler patients also who do not get any assistance.


linda narvaez
Corpus Christi , TX

If and when the Obama care gets fully in acted it will not directly effect my job, but will effect the amount of money I have to spend on goods and services which in turn has a small impact on the economy.


David Stewartq
Amherst, NY

The healthcare bill is unconstitutional - you cannot force citizens to purchase a product. This bill will increase spending, therefore the debt, force insurance companies out of business and generally worsen my standard of living. An added consequence, will be another or continuing downturn in the economy which means less tax money for education which means my salary will continue to decline and inflation will continue to rise. In short, the healthcare reform bill is anything but. For this reason ,I hope that the Democrats /Obama are NOT re-elected. I did not like the last administration, but right now Bush is looking good.


sharon klink
Quincy, FL

Obama and the Congress's Health Care Reform Bill is very important to Part Time Faculty. Many of us go without health insurance, or are using Medicaid for our children's health care, because our wages are so low. We are the majority of teachers that students will meet in community colleges, and four year colleges, especially in their first two years. But, at this time we cannot protect our own health, and some of our students are in the same position. The Act will help all of us.


Susan Anne Titus
Union of Part Time Faculty, Local 477
Detroit, MI

If healthcare reform meant universal health care for working class Americans...the same entitlement that is extended to the poor, old, disabled, military, members of congress, citizens of Canada, France, Great Britian, and many industrialized countries, then its passage would be monumental. I could stop paying the hundreds of dollars I've spent insuring my children who are college educated, but underemployed by the recession. It would mean that I could retire before I die. However, Universal health care is not a possibility at this time. Therefore, health care reform will not affect my job in any way.


dale epps
amarillo federation of teachers
Amarillo, TX

It will affect families because this a low income area--majority of staff have health care options anyway so do not see this being a negative impact.


christine Taylor
Tucson, AZ

What healthcare reform. Reform should mean to make something better! I have seen nothing but a drab outlook of reduced benefits and or added premiums while no increase in retirement pay. Our Texas legislature has even reduced their contribution to make matters worse. I am working in a second career now to supplement my teacher retirement income. After 33 years of public school teaching, it is sad to think I've retired to a second career and it is still not enough to provide properly for my family! Our teacher Son and his wife are expecting our second grandchild, and scrimping to save $8000 because of deductibles and copays demand it!


Norman Pond
Lifetime Member TSTA/NEA
McCaulley, TX

I continue to work mostly for the benefits. After I retire, I will need to find another health care provider which could be costly.


Es Col
New Iberia, LA

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