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Teachers: Is Sept. 11 footage appropriate for the classroom?

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Although I voted NO to the question of whether or not Sept 11 footage should be shown or is appropriate for the classroom, I need to say that, it is also grade specific. As part of a high school history class, I would vote YES. However, to view for an elementary class discussion, I would vote NO. The discussion would be appropriate, but the children are still too young to see actual footage. Children at that age are too sensitive to that type of violence. They need to be made aware, but not to the point of internalized fear.


Lois Conway
North Kingstown, RI

We need to keep in mind the grade level of students to whom the Sept. 11 footage would be presented. Not elementary school, I would hope.


myra wolovick
Peabody Fed. of Teachers
Peabody, MA

I would edit for primary students to things like the firefighters helping people, but this is history and students need to know what happened, how it looked and why it was significant just as they need to know about slavery, spaceflight, and all the other things that have happened in America. The presentation needs to be age appropriate but almost anything is ok for 4th grade and up. If we don't know our history we are doomed to repeat it. We need to be careful with older students that the coverage is unbiased and not presented as something that "the Muslims" did to America. Don't want to feed hatred.


Rhonda Browning
Baton Rouge, LA

I teach 2nd grade and feel the videos and pictures would be too graphic for many 7 year olds. Footage would be appropriate with discussion at the upper middle school and high school level.


Carol Eckert
Girard Federation of Teachers
Fairview, PA

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