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Higher Education: How does your campus prevent bullying among students and/or faculty and staff?

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I agree with Dr. Maria D.C. Rodriguez...Kean University may have a bully policy but not for it's staff. Everyone has an option to either remain silent and take the abuse or speak out and make your voice heard. I choose to make my voice heard.


Mary Roman
perth amboy, NJ

Kean University has a clear policy on how to prevent bullying among students. The problem is that the managers are the key bullies in town and when a student or employee faces the abuse from managers, the only legal tool that workers have is a grievance. The grievance is heard and judged by the same managers that are responsible for the bullying incident.As you can see, justice is never possible under these circumstances.


Dr. Maria d.C. Rodriguez
Kean Federation #2187
N.Brunswick, NJ

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