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NOTE:  We have posted all the presentations from the sessions to make the information available to all the attendees. However, the materials do not necessarily represent AFT's position.

Monday, July 11
2:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Accessible Learning for Literacy: Reaching Students with Complex Communication Needs
Presenters: Honey D. Forman, AFT ALL and RCI national trainer, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers; Mary Hamilton, inclusion support teacher, Berkeley (Calif.) Federation of Teachers
Tracks: Strengthening Teaching Practice; Supporting Special Education Students

Addressing Bullying Behaviors
Presenters: Marlene Snyder, director of development, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, Clemson University; Juanita B. Hogan, school nurse and executive board member, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers
Track: Ensuring Safe and Orderly Schools

Assessing Infants and Toddlers
Presenter: C. Joe Preece, senior training specialist, ZERO TO THREE—National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families
Tracks: Early Childhood Education; Using Data Appropriately

Bilingualism and the Brain
Presenters: Janet G. van Hell, professor of psychology and linguistics, Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University; Giselle Lundy-Ponce, assistant director, Educational Issues Department, AFT
Tracks: Best Practices for English Language Learners; Promising Models

Building Bridges to Parents as Partners in Education
Presenter: Deanna Woods, AFT national trainer, AFT-Oregon Retirees
Track: Engaging with the Community

Building Systems of Teacher Support
Presenters: Mimi Appel, senior director, The New Teacher Center; Janet Bird, practitioner, Toledo (Ohio) Federation of Teachers; Denise Johnson, practitioner, Toledo (Ohio) Federation of Teachers
Track: Strengthening Teaching Practice

Changing the Narrative About Public Schools: Lessons from the Field
Presenters: David Mann, associate director, Grassroots Policy Project; Denise Rodriguez, vice president, St. Paul Federation of Teachers; Brionna Harder, first vice president, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Track: Working Together to Improve Schools

Combating Hunger in Schools
Presenters: Amy Zganjar, director of development, Share Our Strength; Tom Moran, deputy director, Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel, AFT
Tracks: Engaging with the Community; Healthy Students, Healthy Schools

Creating Community Partnerships to Motivate Students
Presenters: Dan Swinney, executive director, Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council; Pete Schoedel, engineering teacher, Austin Polytechnical Academy; Torres Hughes, senior student, Austin Polytechnical Academy
Tracks: Engaging with the Community; Schools to Watch

Developing Quality Classroom Assessments
Presenter: Riva Korashan, AFT national data trainer
Tracks: Using Data Appropriately; Instructional Strategies

Environmental Literacy
Presenters: Coquille Houshour, teacher, MS113 and co-chair of UFT Green Schools Committee, director, Educating Tomorrow; Mitchell Porcelan, middle school special education teacher, New York City; Stephen J. Ritz, New York City teacher 
Track: Instructional Strategies

Is There Value in ‘Value Added’?
Presenters: Matt Di Carlo, senior fellow, Albert Shanker Institute; Justin Stone, assistant director, AFT Innovation Fund; Rob Weil, director of field programs, Educational Issues Department, AFT
Tracks: Teacher Development and Evaluation Systems; Using Data Appropriately

Keys to High-Performing Middle Schools
Presenters: Deborah Kasak, executive director, National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform; Deborah Tully, director of professional issues, Ohio Federation of Teachers
Track: Promising Models

Organizing Mind, Body and Backpack: The ‘Executive Function’ Process
Presenter: Lauren Hough, director of professional development, Autism Spectrum Disorder Nest Project, New York University
Track: Supporting Special Education Students

Passport to a Positive Social Atmosphere
Presenters: Katherine Dorman, AFT national trainer, Douglas County (Colo.) Federation of Teachers; John McKinney, AFT national trainer, Douglas County (Colo.) Federation of Teachers
Track: Ensuring Safe and Orderly Schools

A Path to Graduation for Adolescent English Language Learners
Presenters: Susan Lafond, assistant in educational services, New York State United Teachers; Amber Prentice, teacher, St. Paul (Minn.) Federation of Teachers
Tracks: High Schools and Adolescent Learners; Best Practices for English Language Learners

Peer Assistance and Review: A Better Evaluation Process
Presenters: Francine Lawrence, AFT vice president, past president, Toledo Federation of Teachers; Dal Lawrence, past president, Toledo Federation of Teachers; Don Benker, president, Kenmore (N.Y.) Teachers Association; Germaine Washington, mentor/co-chair, policy board, Kenmore (N.Y.) Teachers Association
Track: Teacher Development and Evaluation Systems

Preserve the Past, Inspire the Future with ‘Civic Voices’
Presenters: Vi Parramore, president, Jefferson County (Ala.) AFT; Shannon Lederer, associate director, International Affairs Department, AFT; Jennifer Moses, NASUWT national official for Equality and Training
Track: Instructional Strategies

The School Nurse Is Not In! What to Do?
Presenter: Aurelia Barney, school nurse, Cleveland Teachers Union
Track: Healthy Students, Healthy Schools

Teamwork: What’s My Role?
Presenters: Charles LoBello, field liaison, UFT Teacher Center, New York City; Ina Babb-Henry, staff, UFT Teacher Center, New York City
Track: Working Together to Improve Schools

Technology and the Rights of School Staff
Presenter: Alan Holtgrewe, history teacher, Cahokia (Ill.) High School
Track: Instructional Strategies

Thinking and Talking Mathematics!
Presenter: Jody Papini, Thinking Math national trainer, elementary math coach, Douglas County (Colo.) Schools
Tracks: Investigating Mathematics; Common Core State Standards

Vocabulary Instruction and Word Study with English Language Learners
Presenter: Donald Bear, director and professor, University of Nevada, Reno
Tracks: Pathways to Literacy; Best Practices for English Language Learners