PSRP Reporter

Spring 2016

Feature Story:
Oregon members begin delicate task of bringing school violence into the open

By Jason Cox

NOBODY EVER WANTED to talk about it. Years went by, and we would hear special education paraprofessionals confide in low tones how they were getting hit, kicked, spat upon, scratched and screamed at by their students.

By their own students. Then they would fall silent, and no amount of coaxing could entice anyone to say more about it. They love their kids and don’t want to “get them in trouble.” In some cases, they’ve told their stories to a supervisor and not been heard.

Then, last year, paraprofessionals in Oregon started coming forward, and the Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) started telling their stories through a blog site and a three-part series in the OSEA Journal.

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