Summer 2015

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Strength in Numbers
To bolster union strength, we must harness the power of our members

Many locals and affiliates are facing these challenges by turning to their members for help. AFT President Randi Weingarten says the power of unified members and the solidarity of working members will drive us to the right answers: “As circumstances change, our nation changes, the world changes. We too must change.”

Many of our locals are utilizing the new unionism model of community engagement, improving the quality of services that members provide, organizing internally and mobilizing members, and organizing the unorganized. An active membership is the counterweight to an adversary who wants to divide us, says Weingarten. 

In many of our affiliates, leaders are working with their members to craft campaigns that focus on a broad agenda that addresses professional issues such as improving staffing but also connects with the community. Leaders want to achieve full union membership because they understand that there is strength in numbers.

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