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President Weingarten, "Together We Can Reclaim the Promise of Public Education," American Association of School Administrators Convention, Feb. 14, 2014

President Weingarten, "Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education," AFT TEACH Conference, July 22, 2013

President Weingarten, "Making Common Core Standards Work before Making Them Count," Association for a Better New York, April 30, 2013

President Weingarten, "Solution-Driven Unionism," AFT Convention, July 27, 2012

President Weingarten, "A Quality Agenda: How to Build Enduring Education Reform," AFT TEACH Conference, July 11, 2011

President Weingarten, "Sharing Responsibility: Using Collective Bargaining as a Tool To Help Preserve Public Services in the Wake of State Fiscal Crises," March 28, 2011

President Weingarten, "Toward a True Development and Evaluation System," AFT Teacher Evaluation Conference, Feb. 24, 2011

President Weingarten accepts the UFT's Charles Cogen Award, Nov. 7, 2010

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates addresses delegates at AFT Convention, July 10, 2010

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka addresses delegates at AFT Convention, July 10, 2010

President Weingarten, AFT Convention 2010 keynote speech, July 8, 2010

President Weingarten, "A New Path Forward," National Press Club, Jan. 12, 2010

President Weingarten's keynote address at QuEST, July 13, 2009

President Weingarten's address at the National Press Club, Nov. 17, 2008

President Weingarten's address to the Democratic national convention in Denver, CO, Aug. 25, 2008

Randi Weingarten, newly elected AFT president, convention speech from Chicago, IL, July 14, 2008

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