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Press Release


August 6, 2014



Michael Heenan



AFT Statement on Kansas City (Mo.) Public Schools Gaining Accreditation

WASHINGTON— Statement of AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Missouri State Board of Education's unanimous decision to reinstate accreditation for the Kansas City, Mo., public school system:

"When educators, parents, administrators and the community come together to address the real challenges facing Kansas City, the community—particularly its children—stands to benefit. We celebrate this achievement today, but we recognize that the hard work is just beginning as we build on this success and strive for full accreditation.

"This progress was made not by dismantling public schools but by working together, trusting educators—who are closest to our children in the classroom—and focusing on what kids need to succeed. As the meaningful partnership between educators and the community grows stronger, so too will Kansas City's public schools."


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