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AFT Press Releases 2011

December 2011

Weingarten on Omnibus Spending Bill (12/17)

Reconnecting McDowell: Long-Term Partnership to Transform County (12/16)

Weingarten On Assault of Special Needs Student in Cleveland (12/9)

Weingarten On Request for NLRB to Grant Union Rights to Private University Grad Employees (12/8)

Weingarten  On NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment Results (12/7)

Weingarten On New Guidelines to Promote Diversity at U.S. Colleges and Universities (12/5)

Minnesota Approves Nation's First Union-Backed Organization To Authorize Charter Schools (12/5)

Weingarten on U.S. Education Department Report on Staffing in Low-Income Schools (12/2)

AFL-CIO, AFT and BCTD Laud $4 Billion Commitment to Presidential 'Better Buildings Challenge' Initiative (12/2)

November 2011

Weingarten On Efforts to Speed Up Adoption of Computerized Health Records (11/30)

Weingarten On Campus Calls to Curb Mounting Student Debt and Budget Cuts (11/29)

Weingarten On Supercommittee's Apparent Failure to Reach Deficit Deal (11/21)

John Tarka Named Administrator of the Broward Teachers Union (11/21)

Weingarten On Bullying by Students and Educators (11/18)

Weingarten Responds to Court Decision To Evict Occupy Wall Street Protesters from Zuccotti Park (11/15)

Weingarten and Ullico Join Gov. Kitzhaber to Announce Investment of up to $15 Million in Oregon Schools (11/10)

Weingarten On the Repeal of Ohio Senate Bill 5 (11/8)

Weingarten On New York State Public Employees Federation Ratification Vote (11/3)

Weingarten On NAEP Reading and Math Results (11/1)

Weingarten Responds to American Enterprise Institute Report on Teacher Compensation (11/1)

October 2011

Weingarten On the NCTQ Report on Teacher Evaluation (10/26)

AFT President Says Extended Learning Time Works if Done Well (10/25)

AFT Resolution Recommends Fixes to Improve Testing Integrity, Protocols (10/24)

AFT President Randi Weingarten, U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, Union and Education Leaders Push for Jobs Plan in New Britain, Conn. (10/21)

Weingarten On ESEA Reauthorization Bill (10/21)

Weingarten On Senate's "No" Vote On Jobs Bill (10/21)

American Federation of Teachers Reinforces Anti-Bullying Message on National 'Spirit Day' (10/20)

Weingarten On Sens. Harkin-Enzi ESEA Reauthorization Changes (10/17)

Weingarten Visits Yonkers and North Bergen Schools That Could Benefit from American Jobs Act  (10/17)

Weingarten On Federal Appeals Court Ruling Halting Parts of Alabama Immigration Law (10/14)

Thousands of AFT Members Will Join Saturday's March for Jobs and Justice (10/14)

Schools and Students Can't Rely on Bake Sales  (10/13)

AFT Responding to Senate 'No' Vote on Cloture for the American Jobs Act (10/11)

Harkin-Enzi Reauthorization of ESEA Bill (10/11)

Weingarten On the Wall Street Protests (10/5)

Laid-Off Teachers and Other AFT Leaders Join Obama in Texas And Biden in Florida to Support American Jobs Act (10/4)

Weingarten On World Teachers' Day (10/4)

Weingarten On Alabama's New Immigration Law (10/4)

September 2011

Weingarten On U.S. Department of Education Blueprint for Teacher Preparation (9/30)

At Notre Dame Education Forum, AFT President Urges School Reformers to Keep Focus on Quality (9/28)

Weingarten Statement On Waivers for NCLB Requirements  (9/22)

Public Pension Fund Commitments Will Help Reinvigorate Economy (9/20)

AFT President Urges Obama to Harness American Generosity In Humanitarian Effort to Address 'Children's Famine' in Somalia (9/19)

Weingarten Calls on University of Illinois-Chicago To Begin Bargaining with New Faculty Union  (9/15)

AFT President Says Grim Poverty Figures Illustrate Need For Jobs Bill and Schools With Services to Help Students and Families (9/15)

U.S. Needs to Invest More in Higher Education System  (9/13)

AFT President Announces New Leadership Team (9/9)

President's Bold Jobs Plan Will Revive Economy and Rebuild Nation (9/8)

AFT's National Back-to-School Tour Makes Stops in Austin  (9/7)

AFT President Brings Back-to-School Tour to Detroit, Highlights Community Partnerships that Make a Difference (9/6)

AFT Leader Takes Back-to-School Tour to Seattle-Tacoma Area (9/2)

August 2011

Weingarten Praises Collaborative Work During Two Stops at Palm Beach Schools (8/30)

Weingarten Praises Community Engagement In Public Schools During Two Stops in West Virginia (8/29)

AFT's Back-to-School Tour Highlights Positive Reforms To Make a Difference for Students Despite Recent Challenges (8/26)

Weingarten On PDK/Gallup Poll on Public Perception of U.S. Education (8/17)

Weingarten Statement On Mackinac Center's Efforts to Stop Union at University of Michigan  (8/4)

AFT's Lorretta Johnson Elected to AFL-CIO Executive Board  (8/2)

Weingarten On Appointment of Michelle Ringuette (8/2)

Weingarten On the Debt Deal (8/1)

July 2011

Teacher Evaluation Model Developed by Rhode Island Teachers Unions to Be Implemented This Fall   (7/28)

South African and U.S. Students Launch AIDS Prevention Project  (7/25)

Statement by Randi Weingarten on the Oslo Tragedy  (7/24)

AFT Secretary-Treasurer Antonia Cortese Announces Retirement  (7/15)

Weingarten Statement On Bill That Would Undo Longtime Support for Disadvantaged Students  (7/13)

High School Graduate from Sheboygan, Wis., Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/13)

High School Graduate from Philadelphia Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/13)

High School Graduate from Ozone Park, N.Y., Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/13)

High School Graduate from Rockville Centre, N.Y., Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/13)

Retired Teacher from Newburg, N.Y., is an AFT Everyday Hero (7/12)

Newtown, Conn., Teacher Is an AFT Everyday Hero  (7/12)

AFT Innovation Fund Supports Teacher Role in Common Core Standards (7/11)

Weingarten Calls for a Quality- and Community-Focused Education Reform Agenda (7/11)

Illinois Federation of Teachers President Is Named an AFT Vice President (7/9)

Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals President Is Named an AFT Vice President (7/9)

Weingarten Calls for Shift Toward Education Reform That Focuses on Quality and Community (7/7)

June 2011

AFT’s TEACH Conference to Highlight Successful Education Reforms (6/29)

Groundbreaking Partnership Will Revamp Teacher Workforce (6/29)

Weingarten On Launch of Worldwide Quality Public Services Campaign (6/27)

Weingarten On Proposed NLRB Rules Changes (6/22)

Weingarten Responds to Detroit Public Education Reform Plan (6/21)

Weingarten Statement On Supreme Court Decision Against ‘Women of Wal-Mart’ (6/20)

AFT Secretary-Treasurer Presses for Action Against Child Labor (6/16)

Weingarten Statement On Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision and Unions' Federal Suit  (6/15)

Marla Ucelli-Kashyap Joins AFT As Assistant to the President for Educational Issues (6/15)

Weingarten On the NAEP U.S. History Results (6/15)

AFT President Visits Teacher-Led School in Detroit, Meets with Parents and Community Groups To Discuss Strategies for Saving Detroit Public Schools  (6/7)

Weingarten On Education Week's 'Diplomas Count' Report (6/7)

At Rally with Striking Red Cross Workers, AFT President Decries Safety Lapses  (6/6)

Weingarten On U.S. Education Department’s Final Regulation on Gainful Employment (6/2)

May 2011

AFT Recommends Ways To Promote Gender Diversity In Higher Education Faculty (5/31)

Weingarten On Judge’s Decision Striking Down Wisconsin Anti-Collective Bargaining Law (5/26)

AFT Statement On Merger of BlueGreen Alliance with Apollo Alliance  (5/26)

Weingarten On the Swearing-in of Maria Neira to President’s Advisory
Commission On Educational Excellence for Hispanics

Weingarten Statement On New Federal Funding for Early Childhood Programs  (5/25)

AFT Adopts Bold Plan To Strengthen and Reform Pensions (5/19)

Weingarten On Supporting the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (5/17)

Weingarten Statement Urging Congress To Pass the DREAM Act (5/11)

Weingarten Visits White Plains Schools, Praises Educators for 'Making a Difference Every Day' (5/9)

National Teachers Union Leader Says Florida Budget Deal Fails To Make Children and Education Top Priorities (5/5)

Weingarten On the NAEP Civics Results  (5/4)

AFT Joins Leading Education Organizations To Support High-Quality Pre-K (5/3)

AFT President To Visit Orlando, Fla., Schools and Meet with Teachers, Community and School Leaders (5/3)

April 2011

Weingarten On the Gates-Pearson Partnership To Align Online Resources and Technology with The Common Core Standards  (4/28)

National Teachers Union Leader Shines a Light On Work of Portland's Early Childhood Educators  (4/26)

Weingarten On the Pew Center on the States Report on Public Pension Plans (4/26)

AFT President Randi Weingarten To Visit New Jersey (4/25)

Weingarten On Bobb’s Decision to Lay Off All Detroit Teachers and Modify Contract (4/18)

Weingarten On Illinois Senate Committee Passage of Education Reform Legislation (4/14)

Weingarten On President Obama's Remarks on the Budget (4/14)

Statement by Randi Weingarten in Support of American Optometric Association's School Readiness Summit  (4/12)

AFT Statement On Congressional Action To Prevent a Government Shutdown (4/12)

Report: Gen Y Teachers Say, To Stay in Profession, They Need Workplaces That Support High-Quality Teaching and Learning (4/8)

Weingarten On International Recruitment of Teachers in Prince George’s County, Md. (4/4)

AFT Affiliates Join Nationwide 'We Are One' Movement  (4/2)

Nurse Who Fought To Save N.J. Hospital Is an AFT Everyday Hero (4/1)

Ketchikan, Alaska, Cartographer Honored as an AFT Everyday Hero (4/1)

Professor Who Co-Founded Organization To Empower African-American Youth Is an AFT Everyday Hero (4/1)

March 2011

AFT Statement On OH Governor's Signing of Controversial Legislation (3/31)

AFT Releases Report Calling for More Collaboration To Improve College Student Success  (embargoed until 12.01 a.m., 04/01/11) (3/31)

Weingarten On Wisconsin Republican Party’s FOIA Requests for University Faculty’s E-mails (3/31)

Speech by Weingarten: Using Collective Bargaining To Save Public Services During State Fiscal Crises' (3/28)

Weingarten On White House Event Honoring Women of Labor (3/28)

Weingarten On Fifth University of Wisconsin Campus To Vote for Union Representation  (3/24)

Weingarten On Florida Governor's Signing of Controversial Education Legislation (3/24)

Weingarten on the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher  (3/23)

AFT Launches National ‘See a Bully, Stop a Bully: Make a Difference’ Campaign (3/18)

Weingarten On Agreement Between Baltimore Teachers Union and KIPP Baltimore (3/17)

Weingarten On Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s Assault on Workers’ Freedoms (3/10)

Weingarten Statement On White House Conference on Bullying Prevention
and AFT’s ‘See a Bully, Stop a Bully: Make a Difference’ Campaign and Wristbands

AFT President Randi Weingarten To Visit Marlboro, N.Y., Schools  (3/3)

February 2011

Weingarten Proposes New Alignment of Evaluation and Due Process for Tenured Teachers (2/24)

AFT On Providence, R.I., Public Schools’ Decision To Fire All City Teachers

Share Our Strength Report Finds Connecting Kids to Breakfast Is Vital for Academic Achievement (2/22)

Weingarten On House Passage of Temporary Spending Bill (2/19)

Weingarten Kicks Off ‘Making a Difference Every Day’ Tour in Peoria, Ill. (2/17)

Weingarten On President Obama’s Education Budget Proposal (2/14)

AFT and Affiliates Take Center Stage at National Collaboration Conference (2/14)

AFT Adopts Kenneth Feinberg’s Procedures For Handling Teacher Wrongdoing Allegations (2/7)

Weingarten On Alarming Loan-Default Rates at For-Profit Colleges (2/4)

Weingarten On Maintaining Pell Grant Award Level (2/2)

January 2011

Weingarten On Florida Federal Court Ruling on Healthcare Reform (1/31)

AFT Statement On President Obama's State of the Union Address (1/25)

AFT To Take Center Stage at National Collaboration Conference (1/25)

Weingarten on Kenneth Feinberg’s Framework for Handling Allegations of Teacher Wrongdoing (1/20)

Report Finds Significant Pay Inequities Among College and University Faculty in Pennsylvania (1/20)

Weingarten On House Republicans’ Vote To Repeal Healthcare Reform (1/19)

Lorretta Johnson, Executive Vice President, AFT, Congratulates Top-Ranked States in ‘Quality Counts’ Assessment (1/11)

Weingarten On Michelle Rhee’s ‘StudentsFirst’ Priorities List (1/10)

AFT Mourns Death of Hong Kong Democracy Activist, Teachers Union Leader Szeto Wah (1/10)

Statement of AZ FT Pres. Wieser and AFT Pres. Weingarten On the Shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and Others in Arizona (1/8)

2010 Press Releases...