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Press Releases

October 2014

AFT's Weingarten on U.S. Education Department Guidance Regarding Resource Equity (10/1)

September 2014

Share My Lesson Partners with Clever for Single Sign-On for School Districts (9/25)

AFT's Johnson on the 44th Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference

AFT's Weingarten Statement on New Testing Bill

AFT Statement Responding to Annenberg Institute for School Reform's Release of Standards and Policy Recommendations for Effective Charter School Oversight

AFT on President Obama's Announcement on Mobilizing to Contain Ebola (9/17)

AFT on the PDK/Gallup Poll on Investing in Teachers

AFT's Weingarten: House Takes Important Step toward Ensuring High-Quality Early Childhood Education and Care for All

Houston's Groundbreaking Anti-Bullying Policy for All School Employees (9/12)

AFT's Weingarten on Gallup Poll Showing Widespread Support for Early Childhood Education (9/8)

AFT's Weingarten and Newark Teachers Union's Del Grosso on Schools Superintendent Anderson and Newark's First Day of School

AFT's Weingarten on State Court Ruling on Seattle Early Childhood Initiatives

August 2014

AFT's Weingarten on Torlakson's Announcement on Vergara Appeal (8/29)

AFT's Weingarten on Education Secretary Duncan's Testing Announcement (8/21)

AFT Statement Responding to PDK/Gallup Poll that Shows More Americans Skeptical of High-Stakes Testing and Common Core

AFT's Weingarten on Philadelphia School Budget Crisis (8/15)

AFT Secretary-Treasurer Responds to Fordham Institute Report on School Support Staff (8/15)

AFT President on the Death of Michael Brown and Events in Ferguson, Mo. (8/14)

Sandy Hook Elementary School Educators and AFT Members Ask Congressional Members to Support Background Check Bill or Get Voted Out (8/14)

AFT President Randi Weingarten Calls for Full Release of Test Questions

AFT Statement on Kansas City (Mo.) Public Schools Gaining Accreditation (8/6)

Reconnecting McDowell Board Votes to Build 'Renaissance Village' from Ground Up

AFT's Weingarten on the Employee Empowerment Act (8/1)

AFT's Weingarten on President Obama's Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order (8/1)

July 2014

AFT on UFT's Motion to Intervene in the NY Due Process and Tenure Case (7/22)

AFT Hails Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (7/22)

AFT's Weingarten on President Obama's Executive Order Protecting LGBTQ Employees from Discrimination (7/21)

AFTConvention 2014

Randi Weingarten Re-elected AFT President (7/14)

Teachers' Union Takes On Border Crisis at National Convention

AFT and national teachers union of Mexico announce collaboration

Local High School Graduates Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship

AFT Convention Delegates Pass Healthcare Policies

On Staffing Levels, Putting Patient Care over Profits (7/14)

AFT-West Virginia President Elected to AFT Executive Council

American Federation of Teachers Convention Highlights the Fight to Reclaim Higher Education

AFT Members Pass Resolution to Fulfill Promise and Potential of Common Core, Lay Out Action Plan to Fix Botched Implementation

AFT Members Commit to Fighting Back Against Vergara, Harris Decisions (7/13)

AFT Members Pass Resolution Advocating for New Accountability System (7/13)

AFT Convention Delegates Rallied in Support of U.S. Postal Workers at Staples Boycott  (7/12)

New York Leaders Address National Teachers' Union Convention

Philly Leaders Address National Teachers' Union Convention

Chicago Leaders Address National Teachers' Convention

Two Generations of Civil Rights Leaders Address National Teachers' Union Convention (7/12)

AFT President Randi Weingarten Lays Out Bold Call to Reclaim the Promise of America (7/11)

AFT, Freelancers Union Launch New Partnership to Support and Unite Contingent Faculty (7/11)

Updated Agenda for AFT Convention in Los Angeles (7/8)

AFT's Francine Lawrence Named Chair of the Learning First Alliance's Board  (7/9)

AFT’s Weingarten on Education Department’s ‘Excellent Educators for All’ Project (7/7)

AFT's Weingarten on Education Department Offering Additional Flexibility on Teacher Evaluations

June 2014

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Hobby Lobby Decision (6/30)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Harris v. Quinn Decision (6/30)

AFT’s Weingarten on Pa. Supreme Court Ruling Denying Philly SRC Request (6/27)

AFT's Weingarten on Noel Canning v. NLRB Decision (6/26)

AFT's Weingarten Pushes for Passage of the Voting Rights Amendment Act (6/25)

AFT’s Weingarten on the Senate’s Bipartisan Passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (6/25)

AFT on Center for American Progress’s Common Core Recommendations (6/25)

Weingarten Announces $10 Billion Investment in Infrastructure and Workforce (6/24)

AFT on TALIS International Survey (6/24)

AFT on State Department's Human Trafficking Report (6/20)

Reconnecting McDowell Partnership Brings West Virginia High School Students To Washington to Explore College, Job World (6/20)

AFT's Weingarten on New York Common Core Legislation (6/20)

AFT President Weingarten on DC Common Core Moratorium (6/19)

Rochester, N.Y., Students Receive 100,000 New Books
In Largest Single Distribution by School District, AFT and First Book (6/19)

Share My Lesson Wins Hermes Innovation Award for Improvement of Human Relation (6/17)

Save the Date:  AFT Convention in Los Angeles, July 11-14, 2014

Alliance/AFT Lawsuit Against Dallas ISD Administrators Succeeds (6/13)

Pittsburgh Teacher Evaluation Results Demonstrate Importance of Due Process and Improvement-Focused Evaluation Systems

Presidents of AFT and Houston Teachers Union on Houston School Board Action
To Hire a Powerful Law Firm and Take Grant Money from Arnold Foundation (6/12)

AFT on World Day Against Child Labor

Newtown union president at dedication of Memorial to Fallen Educators:
'We are all Newtown' (6/12)

AFT's Weingarten on Efforts in Senate to Block Consideration of Sen. Warren's Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act

Statement from AFT President Weingarten on Vergara Decision

AFT's Weingarten on the Shooting at Reynolds High School in Oregon (6/10)

Gates Foundation Joins AFT's Call for High-Stakes Pause on Common Core Tests (6/10)

AFT's Weingarten Fights Forward with President Obama on Student Loan Reform (6/9)

AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson Elected to Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (6/6)

AFT on NCTQ's Report on Teacher Attendance

May 2014

AFT Applauds 'My Brother's Keeper Task Force Report' (5/31)

Congress Must Not Abandon School Nutrition Standards (5/30)

AFT's Weingarten on the Passing of Maya Angelou

AFT's Weingarten Says Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Extends Ladder of Opportunity to More Workers

AFT's Weingarten, Civil Rights Leaders, Granddaughter of
Brown v. Board of Education Plaintiff March, Rally in Topeka

AFT's Weingarten on Teacher Migration Study (5/15)

AFT's Weingarten on Newark Mayoral Election (5/15)

Reconnecting McDowell Purchases Buildings for Teacher Village (5/12)

AFT's Weingarten on Department of Education's Announcement to Extend NCLB Waivers Without Teacher Evaluations (5/9)

AFT's Weingarten on Congress Passing the Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act (5/9)

AFT Announces National Initiative to Reclaim the Promise of High-Quality Healthcare for All (5/9)

NAEP 12th-Grade Math, Reading Scores Not Improving (5/7)

AFT's Randi Weingarten on #BringBackOurGirls (5/7)

AFT's Weingarten: Sen. Warren's Bill Would Offer Immediate Relief to Millions Saddled with Exorbitantly High Student Loan Interest Rates

AFT's Weingarten on Teacher Appreciation Day and Nurses Week

AFT, PFT Launch Extensive Ad Campaign in Philadelphia Exposing Mismanagement by School Reform Commission Chair and Governor

AFT's Weingarten on NYSUT Member Marguerite Izzo's Induction into the National Teachers Hall of Fame

AFT's Weingarten on Retired Texas AFT Member Rebecca Palacios' Induction into the National Teachers Hall of Fame

Seven Houston Teachers, Houston Federation of Teachers File Lawsuit
Challenging Constitutionality of Value-Added Measure for Evaluations (5/1)

April 2014

AFT's Weingarten on Discovery's Decision to Cancel 'Bad Teacher' (4/29)

AFT's Weingarten to Pearson: Lift Gag Order on Testing, Meet with Stakeholders

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Improving Teacher Preparation Programs

AFT, First Book-DC to Distribute 40,000 Free Books for Low-Income Kids (4/24)

Reconnecting McDowell and AT&T Announce Mentor-Internship Program

AFT's Weingarten on Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action Decision

As Part of Coalition, AFT Releases Blueprint for School-Community Partnerships (4/22)

'Share My Lesson' Now Has a Half-Million Users and Counting (4/22)

AFT's Weingarten on Latest News About Ukraine's Jewish Community (4/18)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Passing of Basil Paterson (4/17)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (4/11)

AFT Announces National Initiative to Reclaim the Promise of Higher Education (4/11)

AFT President Weingarten on National Coming Out Day for Undocumented Students and the Educators Who Work with Them (4/9)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Youth CareerConnect Announcement (4/7)

AFT: Supreme Court Sides with Big Money in Politics (4/2)

AFT's Weingarten on New York State Budget (4/2)

AFT's Weingarten on the Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act

Ryan Budget Proposal Strips Rungs From the Ladder of Opportunity for Working Americans and Their Children (4/1)

AFT on PISA Problem-Solving Skills Assessment (4/1)

March 2014

AFT President Applauds Philly Community Leader Helen Gym on White House Award (3/31)

AFT President Weingarten on Minneapolis Teachers' Contract Ratification (3/29)

AFT President Weingarten on the Vergara Trial's Closing Arguments (3/27)

AFT President Visiting New Zealand, Australia (3/26)

Share My Lesson Website Reaches 300,000 Resources (3/26)

AFT's Weingarten: Action Needed to Address Equity Gap (3/21)

Joint Statement of AFT President Randi Weingarten and Aon Hewitt CEO Kristi Savacool on Decision to Remove Aon from AFT Asset Managers Report (3/19)

UNO Teachers, School Staff Overwhelmingly Ratify First Contract

'Reconnecting McDowell' Set to Distribute Free Laptops

To McDowell Middle School Students (3/14)

AFT's Weingarten: Senate Moves Us Closer to High-Quality, Universal Early Childhood Education for All (3/14)

AFT Announces National Campaign to Reclaim the Promise of Public Services (3/13)

AFT Named "Nurse Champion of the Month" for March by the Center to Champion Nursing in America (3/12)

AFT's Weingarten, Other Teacher Union Leaders From United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark and Bulgaria Set to Visit Ukraine

Kansas Supreme Court School Funding Decision Is a Victory for Students (3/7)

International Women’s Day Is a Reminder that Millions of Girls Around the World Are Still Denied Schooling (3/6)

AFT Praises, Raises Concerns about President Obama's FY2015 Budget Proposal (3/4)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Test Fixation in Chicago (3/3)

February 2014

AFT President Randi Weingarten on New Research Linking Nurses' Workloads to Patient Safety (2/27)

Share My Lesson' Reaches Five Million Resource Downloads (2/27)

AFT and ITPI launch 'Cashing in on Kids' Website to Expose For-Profit Education (2/27)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on 'Primary Sources' Teacher Survey (2/25)

AFT and FEA Presidents on Florida Release of Teachers' VAM Scores (2/24)

AFT President Randi Weingarten and AFT New Jersey President Donna Chiera on Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson's Plan to Waive Contract (2/24)

AFT Urges Governors to Focus on 'What Works' in Education (2/20)

Share My Lesson Hosts Unprecedented Virtual 'Ideas and Innovations' Conference (2/19)

AFT, AAUP and IFT Statements on UIC United Faculty Strike (2/18)

'First Book February' and 'Bookmark March' Set to Distribute More Than 250,000 Books (2/14)

Share My Lesson and the Weinstein Company Award Free Movie Screenings to Classrooms Across the Country (2/11)

January 2014

AFT's Weingarten, PEF's Kent on 'Poor Word Choices' by Some at PEF Rally (1/31)

Share My Lesson Wins SIIA CODiE Award for Best Crowd Sourced Solution (1/31)

American Federation of Teachers and Human Rights Campaign Call on Russia to Support LGBT Rights During Olympic Games (1/30)

NFL Players Association and American Federation of Teachers Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking of At-Risk Youth During Super Bowl (1/30)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on President Obama's State of the Union Address (1/28)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Adjunct Faculty Working Conditions (1/24)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Bipartisan Voting Rights Bill (1/16)

AFT and West Virginia Affiliates Call for Stronger Federal Chemical Safety Law, Applaud Efforts by Teachers, Support Staff During School Closings (1/15)

AFT President Weingarten to Speak at 'The Atlantic Presents: The Shriver Report LIVE' (1/14)

AFT and AFT-New Hampshire Ask New Hampshire Supreme Court to Bar Scholarship Program from Using Money for Religious School Tuition (1/13)

Share My Lesson Website Offers 30,000 Common Core-Aligned Resources (1/13)

AFT Executive Vice President Francine Lawrence On Human Trafficking Awareness Day (1/10)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty (1/8)

Federal School Discipline Guidelines Should Come with Support, Resources; AFT Outlines Solutions on School Discipline (1/8)

AFT's Weingarten on Judge's Ruling to Keep Open City College of San Francisco (1/3)

December 2013

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Miscalculations of DC Teacher IMPACT Evaluations (12/23)

AFT's Weingarten on Trial Urban District Assessment Results (12/18)

Reconnecting McDowell Board Approves Location for Teacher Village (12/17)

AFT's Weingarten on American Studies Association's Boycott Decision (12/13)

AFT President Randi Weingarten Honors Newtown (12/13)

AFT's Weingarten on the Budget Agreement (12/12)

Union Leaders, Students Urge Government to Delist Accreding Agency that Wants to Close City College of San Francisco

AFT on Human Rights Day

AFT President Weingarten on National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education (12/9)

AFT's Weingarten and Johnson on the Passing of Nelson Mandela (12/5)

AFT President Weingarten on State Policy Network's Agenda to Decimate Democratic and Economic Rights of Hardworking Americans (12/5)

AFT Launches Extensive Ad Campaign for National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education (12/5)

AFT and First Book Announce Milestone Distribution Of 1 Million Books to Children in Need (12/4)

AFT President Weingarten and IFT President Dan Montgomery
on Illinois Pension Theft Legislation (12/3)

AFT President Weingarten on Detroit Bankruptcy Ruling (12/3)

AFT President Weingarten on PISA 2012 International Results (12/2)

November 2013

Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten on Senate Rules Reform (11/21)

AFT President Weingarten on Demos' Detroit Report: 'Crisis About Revenue, Not Spending' (11/20)

AFT's Randi Weingarten, Harvey Weinstein Host LA Students For Screening of 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' (11/20)

Gov. Corbett Is Challenged to Produce Documentation Outlining Financial Management and Crisis in Philly Schools (11/20)

AFT's Weingarten on Career-Technical Education Grants (11/19)

Plagiarism Found at Highest Level of Kean University Administration (11/18)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on President Obama's Affordable Care Act Announcement (11/14)

AFT's Weingarten Urges Swift Passage of Early Childhood Education Legislation (11/13)

AFT Pledges Disaster Relief to the Philippines (11/12)

'Reconnecting McDowell' Selects Architect for Teachers Village (11/12)

AFT Statement on U.S. Senate Passage of ENDA (11/7)

AFT's Weingarten on the 2013 NAEP Reading and Math Results (11/7)

October 2013

AFT Statement on NCTQ’s 2013 Teacher Evaluation Report (10/29)

AFT President Weingarten, UFT President Mulgrew to Atten Obama's Visit to Pathways in Technology Early College High School (10/25)

AFT Statement on President Obama's Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (10/24)

Share-My-Lesson Posts Lessons on Mandela to Coincide with Upcoming Motion Picture "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" (10/23)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Congressional Deal to Reopen the Government (10/16)

AFT Statement on Pa. Gov. Corbett's Decision to Release the $45 Million Owed to Philadelphia Public Schools (10/16)

AFT President Randi Weingarten, NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira Arrested at Immigration March (10/8)

Share My Lesson Posts Common Core-Aligned Lesson Plan Involving Malala Yousafzai's Campaign for Girls' Education (10/8)

AFT's Weingarten Calls on United States and Other Nations to Commit to Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education (10/4)

Parents, Students, Teachers Gather in Los Angeles, Unite Around Vision for Great Public Schools (10/3)

AFT Statement on House Immigration Bill (10/2)

September 2013

AFT Statement on Republicans' Irresponsible Actions That Could Lead to a Shutdown (9/30)

AFT Response to Education Trust Report on Teacher, Principal Preparation (9/24)

In Speech, Cantor Ignores Needs of Philly Students (9/23)

AAUP and AFT Leaders Say Tentative Agreement At University of Oregon Is a Milestone for Academic Profession (9/19)

Labor Movement Stands with Philadelphia Community, Teachers, Workers (9/11)

AFL-CIO Pledges to Help AFT Reclaim the Promise of Public Education (9/11)

AFL-CIO Supports Efforts to Reduce Student Loan Debt (9/11)

AFL-CIO Vows to Work to Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (9/11)

AFL-CIO Awards Grants to Schools and Scholarships to Students To Commemorate Anniversary of March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (9/8)

Back-to-School Time in McDowell County, W.Va., Means Laptops, Community Schools, Expo (9/5)

AFT:  Report by Save the Children on Disaster Preparedness Shows Unacceptable Gaps (9/4)

August 2013

AFT, NEA Laud Merger of North Dakota Public Employee Unions (8/31)

Labor Unions, Community Organizations and LGBT Organizations Pay Tribute to Bayard Rustin and the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington at the Historic Lincoln Theatre (8/26)

Thousands of AFT Members Attend March on Washington; President Randi Weingarten Addresses Crowd (8/24)

Share My Lesson Connects the Classroom to 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (8/23)

Randi Weingarten on Chirlane McCray's Comments About Christine Quinn and Children (8/21)

PFT, Community Partners Launch Extensive Ad Campaign in Philadelphia Targeting Nutter (8/21)

Voter, Parent Poll Finds Public Education Top Priority in Boston Mayoral Race (8/21)

AFT Statement on PDK/Gallup Poll: Americans Want Investment in Public Schools; Reject Austerity, Testing, Opt-Outs (8/21)

 AFT and Jamaica Teachers' Association Launch Anti-Trafficking Project (8/19)

'Share My Lesson' Website of Teaching Resources Reaches 300,000 Educators (8/16)

Lawrence Teachers Donate Money to Buy Uniform Shirts for Oliver Students (8/14)

Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten On Violations by Accrediting Agency in San Francisco Case  (8/13)

AFT to File Request in Florida for All Communications Between Tony Bennett and Jeb Bush's Foundation, ALEC  (8/12)

AFT, AFT Indiana File Request for All Communications Between Tony Bennett, Jeb Bush's Foundation, ALEC (8/8)

New York Test Results Should Serve as National Wake-up Call  (8/7)

July 2013

Chicago High School Grad Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/24)

Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., High School Grad Wins Robert 
G. Porter Scholarship (7/24)

Pittsburgh High School Grad Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/24)

Waterford, Conn., High School Grad Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (7/24)

AFT Innovation Fund Marks Fifth Year (7/23)

AFT Report Shows the High Cost of Overtesting (7/23)

Nationwide Poll:  Parents Overwhelmingly Choose Strong Neighborhood Public Schools over Charters, Choice, Vouchers (7/22)

AFT President Randi Weingarten Launches Effort to "Reclaim the Promise of Public Education (7/22)

AFT President Weingarten's TEACH Speech and Press Availability Today (7/22)

AFT Statement on Passage of So-Called Student Success Act (7/19)

Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten on Confirmation of Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary (7/18)

AFT's TEACH Conference -- July 22-24 in Washington, D.C. (7/18)

AFT Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Targeting Republican Education Bill (7/17)

AFT Statement on Acquittal of George Zimmerman in Killing of Trayvon Martin (7/14)

AFT Statement on 'Malala Day' at the United Nations (7/12)

Joint Statement on Today’s Senate Vote on Student Loan Interest Rates (7/10)

AFT's TEACH Conference - 'Reclaiming the Promise:  Uniting for Public Schools' July 22-24 in Washington, D.C. (7/10)

'Women of Steel' Presents Reconnecting McDowell with $5,000 for 4-H Camp (7/9)

AFT Statement Condemning School Massacre in Nigeria (7/8)

AFT Statement on the Delay in Employer Penalties Under the Affordable Care Act (7/3)

AFT Statement on Doubling of Student Loan Interest Rates (7/1)

June 2013

AFT Statement on U.S. Suspension of Preferential Trade Privileges for Bangladesh (6/28)

AFT Statement on Senate Passage of Historic Immigration Bill (6/27)

AFT Statement on DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings (6/26)

AFT Statement on Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act Decision (6/25)

OECD Report Shows That Investing in Education Has Helped Many Nations Meet Challenges of Global Recession (6/25)

AFT Statement on CREDO Charter School Study (6/25)

AFT Statement on Supreme Court Decision (6/24)

Student Debt and Dwindling Public Resources for Higher Education Threaten Americans' Access to College, AFT Report Finds (6/20)

AFT Supports South Korean Education Support Workers (6/19)

AFT on Secretary Duncan's Announcement on Common Core
Test Stakes  (6/18)

NCTQ's Review of Teacher Preparation Programs Needs Improvement (6/17)

AFT's Johnson and the Child Labor Coalition Commemorate World Day Against Child Labor (6/12)

AFT Executive Council Calls for Moratorium on Mass School Closings, Appoints National Federation of Nurses President to Council (6/11)

AFT Calls on Gap Inc. to Sign Bangladesh Safety Accord (6/10)

AFT President Calls Philadelphia School Layoffs a Travesty (6/7)

Sen. Harkin's ESEA Reauthorization Bill Is Good First Step (6/4)

AFT on the Passing of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J. (6/3)

May 2013

AFT Statement on Cleveland Teachers Union Contract Ratification (5/31)

AFT Statement on Privacy and Security Concerns about inBloom and Other Data Collection Efforts  (5/31)

AFT to Ask Sallie Mae Shareholders to Approve Disclosure Resolution (5/29)

AFT Statement on Chicago School Closings (5/22)

AFT Stands with Teachers, Parents, Students in Chicago and Across the
Country Uniting to Save and Strengthen Public Education (5/17)

AFT Urges Garment Companies to Sign Bangladesh Building Safety Accord (5/16)

AFT Calls on Congress to Pass the Student Loan Affordability Act (5/15)

Illinois Senate Pension Proposal Is a Good and Fair Agreement (5/13)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on Teacher Appreciation Week  (5/10)

Growing Numbers of Teachers, Parents, Call for Moratorium On High Stakes Linked to Common Core Assessments (5/9)

AFT Statement on Cleveland Teachers Union Tentative Agreement (5/9)

West Virginia Board of Education OKs Community Schools Plan For McDowell County Public Schools (5/8)

AFT Statement on Louisiana Supreme Court Decision on Vouchers (5/7)

AFT Statement on National Nurses Week  (5/7)

AFT Poll of Teachers Finds Strong Support for Common Core Standards and a Moratorium on Stakes (5/3)

UNO Teachers, Staff, Overwhelmingly Vote to Join Chicago ACTS (5/1)

April 2013

AFT's Weingarten Calls for Moratorium on High-Stakes Consequences of Common Core Tests (4/30)

AFT Joins Call for Education for All Children Around the World (4/23)

AFT President Helps Launch AFL-CIO Building Retrofit (4/18)

AFT Statement on Gun Safety Legislation Votes (4/17)

AFT Statement on 'Gang of Eight' Immigration Bill (4/17)

AFT Statement on Uncovered Michelle Rhee Memo on Cheating (4/12)

AFT Statement on OECD Report on Teacher Evaluations  (4/11)

Senate Must Allow a Vote on Commonsense Gun Safety Legislation (4/11)

AFT Statement on Lone Star College Stabbings  (4/10)

AFT Statement on President Obama's Budget (4/10)

AFT President's Statement on Landmark Victory by Washington State Nurses Association in its Legal Battle over Missed Rest Breaks (4/9)

AFT and Cartoon Network Launch National Bullying Prevention Partnership (4/3)

NRA Proposal Will Fail to Keep Our Children and Schools Safe (4/2)

Statement by AFT and GFT Presidents on Atlanta Cheating Scandal And Need to End Testing Fixation and Focus on Teaching and Learning (4/2)

March 2013

AFT Stands with Chicagoans Fighting to Fix, Not Close, Public Schools (3/27)

AFT President Joins DREAMers, Immigrant Workers and Activists For Kickoff of Harris County, Texas, Campaign for Citizenship (3/22)

JFT, AFT Contribute $2,000 to Assist in Search for Missing Jefferson Parish, La., Teacher (3/21)

AFT President's Statement on Exclusion of Assault Weapons Ban from Senate Gun Violence Prevention Bill (3/19)

Statement by AFT President Randi Weingarten on Nomination of Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary (3/18)

Oregon Nurses Association Backs Historic Partnership with AFT (3/16)

Ohio Nurses Association Backs Historic Partnership with AFT (3/15)

AFT President Calls for Swift Action on Gun Violence Prevention Bills (3/15)

New GOP Budget Recycles Old Attacks on Medicare and Economic Fairness  (3/12)

Chicago ACTS, UNO Announce Agreement Guaranteeing Charter Educators the Free Choice to Form a Union (3/8)

AFT Dedicates International Women's Day to Malala's Courage, Bravery (3/8)

Big Money Interests Rebuked by Parent and Teachers in LA School Board Race (3/6)

Labor Movement Stands Up for Full Equality for Gay and Lesbian Americans (3/5)

AFT Comments on Louisiana Court Ruling on Education Measures (3/4)

AFT Alabama: Voucher Bill is a Direct Assault on Public Schools (3/1)

February 2013

AFT President Lauds House Passage of VAWA (2/28)

AFSCME, AFT, SEIU and NEA Launch New Ad Campaign (2/28)

Supreme Court Must Preserve Full Integrity of Voting Rights Act  (2/27)

Dangerous Cuts Would Devastate America's Children and Families (2/25)

Montana Nurses Celebrate Historic Day (2/22)

AFT Calls for Action to Make Digital Health Records Work Better for Patients, Healthcare Providers (2/20)

AFT on MetLife Survey of the American Teacher (2/20)

AFT Statement on Equity and Excellence Commission Report  (2/19)

AFT on President Obama's Early Childhood Education Proposals (2/14)

AFT and National Federation of Nurses Approve Affiliation Agreement (2/14)

President Obama Lays Out Bold Blueprint to Strengthen Our Nation (2/12)

AFT Statement on Killing of Nigerian Healthcare Workers (2/12)

AFT President Lauds Senate Passage of VAWA, Calls for Swift Action by House (2/12)

AFT Welcomes Charter School Educators in Michigan, California and New York (2/8)

AFT Praises Ruling Striking Down Discriminatory Education Policies in Tucson (2/8)

AFT President Weingarten Lauds Teacher-Led, Collaborative Education Model (2/8)

AFT Executive Council Endorses Bar-like Assessment for Teachers (2/7)

AFT President Hails Plan to Extend Early Childhood Education (2/7)

AFT Statement on Senate Hearing on ESEA Waivers and Reauthorization (2/7)

AFT President Lauds Continued Congressional Emphasis on Gun Violence Prevention Measures (2/7)

AFT President Says Immigration Reform Must Address Recruiting Abuses (2/5)

AFT President Lauds Merger of North Dakota Public Employee Unions (2/2)

January 2013

AFT Disappointed by Treasury Department's Ruling on Health Coverage (1/31)

AFT on President's Call for Comprehensive Immigrations Reform (1/29)

AFT Stands with Parents, Community to Fix, Not Close, Schools (1/29)

AFT President Calls for Swift Passage of Assault Weapons Ban (1/24)

AFT on Improving High School Graduation Rate (1/22)

AFT on Presidential Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence (1/16)

AFT Statement on Education Week's Quality Counts 2013 Report (1/10)

AFT on Gates Foundation Report on Measuring Effective Teaching (1/8)

AFT President Calls for Swift Passage of Reasonable Gun Violence-Prevention Legislation (1/3)

AFT on the Cuomo Education Reform Commission Report (1/2)

House Leadership Shamefully Fails to Take Up Superstorm Sandy Relief Bill (1/2)

House Should Act Now to Pass Fiscal Cliff Agreement (1/1)

December 2012

Give One More Gift During this Holiday Season -- Support Newtown Teachers (12/27)

AFT Response to NRA's Call for More Guns in Schools (12/21)

AFT, NEA:  Arming Educators Won't Keep Schools Safe (12/20)

AFT Statement on Latest Proposal to Avert Fiscal Cliff (12/18) 

Community Coalition Lays Out Roadmap for Improving Philadelphia Public Schools (12/18)

Recruiting Firm That Brought Filipino Teachers to Louisiana Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million in Damages for Exploitive Practices (12/18)

Reconnecting McDowell Makes Much Progress in its First Year (12/17)

AFT Urges Michigan Gov. Snyder to Veto Gun-in-Schools Bill (12/17)

AFT Statement on Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School (12/14)

Philadelphia School Reform Commission Closure Plan Ignores Community, Will Destabilize Neighborhoods (12/13)

AFT Statement on the Death of Oregon Nurse in Portland Mall Shooting (12/13)

NYC Teacher Pension Fund Pledges $1 Billion to Investments in Post-Sandy Reconstruction and Other Critical Infrastructure (12/13)

AFT Statement on Michigan's New 'Right to Work' (for Less) Law(12/11)

AFT Statement on 2011 International Math, Science, Reading Assessments (12/11)

Training Gap Limits Educators' Ability to Help Grieving Students (12/10)

AFT and Education International Launch Program to Promote Human and Workers' Rights Around the World (12/10)

AFT Report on Teacher Preparation Recommends Bar-Like Exam And Demonstration of Teaching Competency (12/2)

November 2012

AFT Conference Brings Together School Labor-Management Teams To Align Common Core Standards with Evaluation Systems (11/30)

AFT Announces Campaign to End Testing Fixation (11/26)

Newark, N.J., Teachers Ratify Contract (11/14)

AFT Statement on the President's Remarks Regarding the Impact of the Fiscal Cliff (11/9)

From Senate Races to Ballot Measures, American People Vote Decisively for Shared Responsibility (11/7)

AFT Statement on the Re-election of President Obama (11/6)

October 2012

UPDATE: AFT Election Bus Tour Continues in Florida (10/26)

UPDATE: AFT Election Bus Tour Heads to Florida (10/25)

West Virginia Student Group Donates Filled Backpacks for McDowell Students (10/23)

AFT Launches Multistate Election Bus Tour (10/19)

Labor and Management Back Charter School Staff's Decision to Unionize (10/18)

AFT Statement on the Newark Teachers Union Tentative Contract Agreement (10/18)

AFT Statement on Shooting of Malala Yousafzai (10/11)

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in University of Texas Admissions Case (10/10)

AFT Statement on New Jobs Report (10/5)

AFT Statement on World Teachers' Day (10/5)

September 2012

35 Federal Teacher Incentive Fund Grants Announced (9/27)

AFT, Parents and Community Groups Partner To Lead Community-Driven School Reform (9/21)

Reconnecting McDowell Making Progress to Improve Schools, Communities (9/20)

AFT Statement on Chicago Educators’ Vote to Return to School (9/18)

Boston Teachers Reach Tentative Agreement  (9/12)

Share My Lesson Website Offers One Lucky Registrant $5,000 Toward Student Loans (9/11)

OECD Education Report Echoes AFT's Quality Education Agenda (9/11)

AFT Statement in Support of Striking Chicago Teachers Union Members (9/10)

AFT Statement in Support of Chicago Teachers Union (9/6)

AFT President Randi Weingarten, AFT Members and Leaders Head to Charlotte, N.C., for Democratic Convention (9/4)

August 2012

AFT Connecticut President Sharon Palmer Appointed State Labor Commissioner (8/28)

White House Selects Crow Reservation Teacher Edward Wiest As a 'School Turnaround Champion of Change' (8/23)

AFT Statement on Solutions Not Suspensions Launch (8/22)

PDK/Gallup Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Investment in Schools, Trust Teachers (8/21)

Charlotte County Teachers and Staff Join with National Bereavement Center For Training on How to Support Grieving Students (8/21)

White House Honors Washington, D.C., Public School Teacher As a School Turnaround Champion of Change (8/21)

White House Selects New Haven Federation of Teachers President Cicarella As a 'School Turnaround Champion of Change' (8/20)

White House Report Shows Consequences of Teacher Layoffs (8/18)

AFT Statement on Romney Vice Presidential Selection (8/11)

D.C. Office of Inspector General Report Cheats Kids and Parents (8/10)

Report Highlights Disturbing Data on Out-of-School Suspensions in Our Schools (8/8)

July 2012

AFT Convention July 27-30

Sewell, N.J., High School Graduate Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (8/1)

East Amherst, N.Y., High School Grad Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (8/1)

Katonah, N.Y., High School Grad Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (8/1)

Superior, Wis., High School Graduate Wins Robert G. Porter Scholarship (8/1)

TNTP Report Puzzling, Misses Opportunity to Help All Teachers (7/30)

Randi Weingarten Re-elected AFT President (7/30)

Activists Sandra Fluke, Betty Dukes Receive AFT Women's Rights Awards (7/30)

Vice President Joe Biden, Jill Biden Address AFT Convention (7/29)

American Federation of Teachers Convention Draws to a Close Monday (7/29)

American Federation of Teachers Convention Welcomes Vice President Biden (7/29)

AFT Delegates Pass Resolutions Against High-Stakes Testing, Adopting New Mission Statement, Investing in Jobs (7/28)

Weingarten Challenges AFT Members to Give 5 Million Books to Kids in Need (7/28)

AFT Innovation Fund Invests in Expanded Learning Time (7/28)

AFT and TES Connect Officially Launch 'Share My Lesson' With New Resources Aligned with Common Core State Standards (7/28)

American Federation of Teachers Convention Kicks into High Gear (7/28)

AFT Teams Up with Designer Norma Kamali to Offer Women Professional, Affordable Clothing Line (7/28)

AFT President Randi Weingarten Unveils Solution-Driven Unionism at AFT National Convention (7/27)

American Federation of Teachers Convention Kicks Off in Detroit (7/27)

AFT Convening in Detroit - Vice President Joe Biden, Charles Blow, Diane Ravitch, UAW President Bob King Among Major Speakers (7/26)

AFT Delegates To Rally at DPS Headquarters (7/26)

AFT and Community Partners Hold 'Healthy Living' Event (7/26)

Michigan Educators, National AFT Union Join with First Book To Give Nearly Half a Million Books to Kids Here and Around the Nation (7/19)

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden to Address AFT at Detroit Convention (7/18)

10,000 Strong and Growing for Putting Teaching Ahead of Testing (7/13)

American Federation of Teachers to Meet in Detroit in July (7/12)

Education Sector Report Makes Clear That America's Teachers See Key Role for Unions (7/10)

AFT Statement on the Passing of Nicholas Yovnello, President, Council of New Jersey State College Locals, AFT/AFL-CIO (7/9)

AFT Lauds New Collaborative Education Reform Law for Cleveland Schools (7/2)

June 2012

University of Illinois-Chicago Faculty Win Fight for Representation (6/29)

Student Loan Rate Agreement a Win for Many Students, Less So for Others (6/29)

AFT Applauds Supreme Court Healthcare Reform Decision (6/28)

Education Trust Report Highlights Importance of Strong and Supported Work Environment on Teaching and Student Learning (6/27)

AFT Statement on Supreme Court Immigration Decision (6/25)

AFT Statement on Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision (6/25)

AFT Congratulates New AFSCME Leadership (6/22)

Privacy Bill Will Prevent Public Shaming of Educators (6/21)

 AFT Calls on Congress to Stop Student Loan Rate Hike (6/21)

Court Rules New Orleans Teachers Were Illegally Fired After Katrina (6/20)

Report Takes the Measure of Title IX's Promise of Gender Equity (6/20)

AFT and Britain's TES Connect Unveil 'Share My Lesson,' Which Will Become Largest Online Site for U.S. Teacher Resources (6/19)

Los Angeles AFT Members Approve Contract Saving 4,000 Jobs, Services for Kids (6/18)

Landmark Immigration Action Expands Opportunities for Students (6/15)

AFT Stands with Chicago Teachers Union (6/11)

AFT Statement on Wisconsin Recall Election Results (6/6)

May 2012

Hillsborough Teachers Join with First Book and Community To Provide Free Books (5/31)

AFT Calls for Passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act (5/31)

Educators, Leaders, Community Announce New Collaborative Education Reform Agreement in Cleveland (5/25)

Cincinnati Teachers and United Way Join with First Book To Provide Free Books to Students in CPS Fifth Quarter Program (5/24)

AFT Denounces Romney's Rehash of Failed Education Proposals (5/23)

Weingarten to Join 400 Educators, Administrators, Leaders at Labor-Management Conference on Collaborative School Reforms (5/21)

AFT Applauds President Obama's Support of Marriage Equality (5/9)

AFT Lauds Connecticut Education Reform Agreement (5/8)

AFT Announces 2012 Everyday Heroes (5/3)

April 2012

Gov. Cuomo Names AFT President to Education Reform Commission (4/30)

AFT: Don't Solve Student Loan Problems by Robbing from Healthcare Law (4/27)

AFT Commends Measure Aimed at Curbing Diploma Mills Targeting Vets (4/27)

AFT Lauds Career and Technical Education Blueprint (4/20)

Romney: Sorry Kids, Attacking Unions Is Way More Important Than Your Education (4/16)

Reconnecting McDowell Partners Announce New Juvenile Drug Court (4/16)

Report Finds States' Slipping Commitment to Early Childhood Education Threatens Gains Achieved over Last Decade (4/10)

AFT's Weingarten on the Passing of Mark Ayers, President. Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO (4/9)

March 2012

Federal District Judge Upholds Workers' Voice in Workplace (3/30)

Rebuild America Act Offers Bold, Comprehensive Blueprint to Strengthen Economy, Invest in America's Future (3/29)

Statement of American Federation of Teachers, Florida Education Association and National Education Association on Trayvon Martin (3/27)

Affordable Care Act Helping to Ensure Quality, Affordable Healthcare Not a Luxury for a Few, but a Promise to All Americans (3/26)

AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Passing of John Payton (3/24)

AFT's Weingarten Calls for More Collaboration and Reinvestment in Rhode Island Public Schools (3/22)

Republican Budget Prioritizes Tax Breaks for Wealthy, While Cutting Public Education, Crippling Medicare, Making College More Costly (3/20)

Weingarten Statement on the Council on Foreign Relations' task force report, "U.S. Education Reform and National Security" (3/19)

New Survey Provides Insights from Teachers on What's Needed to Build Strong Public Schools  (3/16)

AFT President Randi Weingarten and the International Summit on the Teaching Profession (3/12)

McDowell County Legislation Gives Schools, Community Big Boost (3/10)

MetLife Teacher Survey Results Show Cuts to Public Schools, Demonization of Teachers Take Toll on Teacher Job Satisfaction (3/6)

Florida Court Upholds Rule of Law, Protects Retirement Benefits for Public Employees (3/6)

America's Schools Are Still Separate and Unequal (3/6)

February 2012

'Bully' Deserves PG-13 Rating to Ensure Film Reaches Parents and Students Across the Country (2/29)

Chardon High School Community: Our Hearts, Thoughts and Prayers Are with You (2/29)

Republican Education Bills Undermine Efforts to Provide All Children with a High-Quality Public Education (2/28)

New York City Releases Teacher Rankings Based on Unreliable Data (2/24)

AFT on New York teacher evaluation system: Collaboration beats conflict (2/16)

AFT Executive Vice President Visits Bahrain Embassy To Call for Release of Teachers Union Leader Imprisoned After Pro-Democracy Demonstrations (2/13)

AFT's Randi Weingarten: President's Budget Would Provide Relief to Struggling Americans, Invest in America's Future (2/13)

Weingarten on Foreclosure Abuse Settlement (2/9)

Weingarten On Granting of NCLB Waivers to 10 States (2/9)

AFT Executive Council Extends Its Partnership With AAUP in Higher Education (2/7)

American Federation of Teachers Endorses President Obama For Re-election (2/7)

Weingarten On Indiana's Right-to-Work (for Less) Legislation (2/1)

January 2012

Weingarten On President Obama's Financial Aid Overhaul Plan (1/27)

 Public Schools Are Cornerstone of Strong Economy, Strong Democracy, Strong Middle Class (1/24)

Weingarten On Democratic Governors Association Jobs Report (1/20)

Weingarten on Citizens United Second Anniversary (1/20)

Weingarten on Quality Counts Report (1/12)

'Reconnecting McDowell' Advances with Grants, Projects (1/11)

Weingarten on Appointment of Cecilia Munoz as Domestic Policy Council Director (1/10)

Weingarten On Gates Foundation Report on Measuring Effective Teaching (1/6)

Weingarten On Federal Report on Unreported Medical Errors (1/6)

December 2011

Weingarten on Omnibus Spending Bill (12/17)

Reconnecting McDowell: Long-Term Partnership to Transform County (12/16)

Weingarten On Assault of Special Needs Student in Cleveland (12/9)

Weingarten On Request for NLRB to Grant Union Rights to Private University Grad Employees (12/8)

Weingarten  On NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment Results (12/7)

Weingarten On New Guidelines to Promote Diversity at U.S. Colleges and Universities (12/5)

Minnesota Approves Nation's First Union-Backed Organization To Authorize Charter Schools (12/5)

Weingarten on U.S. Education Department Report on Staffing in Low-Income Schools (12/2)

AFL-CIO, AFT and BCTD Laud $4 Billion Commitment to Presidential 'Better Buildings Challenge' Initiative (12/2)

November 2011

Weingarten On Efforts to Speed Up Adoption of Computerized Health Records (11/30)

Weingarten On Campus Calls to Curb Mounting Student Debt and Budget Cuts (11/29)

Weingarten On Supercommittee's Apparent Failure to Reach Deficit Deal (11/21)

John Tarka Named Administrator of the Broward Teachers Union (11/21)

Weingarten On Bullying by Students and Educators (11/18)

Weingarten Responds to Court Decision To Evict Occupy Wall Street Protesters from Zuccotti Park (11/15)

Weingarten and Ullico Join Gov. Kitzhaber to Announce Investment of up to $15 Million in Oregon Schools (11/10)

Weingarten On the Repeal of Ohio Senate Bill 5 (11/8)

Weingarten On New York State Public Employees Federation Ratification Vote (11/3)

Weingarten On NAEP Reading and Math Results (11/1)

Weingarten Responds to American Enterprise Institute Report on Teacher Compensation (11/1)

October 2011

Weingarten On the NCTQ Report on Teacher Evaluation (10/26)

AFT President Says Extended Learning Time Works if Done Well (10/25)

AFT Resolution Recommends Fixes to Improve Testing Integrity, Protocols (10/24)

AFT President Randi Weingarten, U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy, Union and Education Leaders Push for Jobs Plan in New Britain, Conn. (10/21)

Weingarten On ESEA Reauthorization Bill (10/21)

Weingarten On Senate's "No" Vote On Jobs Bill (10/21)

American Federation of Teachers Reinforces Anti-Bullying Message on National 'Spirit Day' (10/20)

Weingarten On Sens. Harkin-Enzi ESEA Reauthorization Changes (10/17)

Weingarten Visits Yonkers and North Bergen Schools That Could Benefit from American Jobs Act  (10/17)

Weingarten On Federal Appeals Court Ruling Halting Parts of Alabama Immigration Law (10/14)

Thousands of AFT Members Will Join Saturday's March for Jobs and Justice (10/14)

Schools and Students Can't Rely on Bake Sales  (10/13)

AFT Responding to Senate 'No' Vote on Cloture for the American Jobs Act (10/11)

Harkin-Enzi Reauthorization of ESEA Bill (10/11)

Weingarten On the Wall Street Protests (10/5)

Laid-Off Teachers and Other AFT Leaders Join Obama in Texas And Biden in Florida to Support American Jobs Act (10/4)

Weingarten On World Teachers' Day (10/4)

Weingarten On Alabama's New Immigration Law (10/4) 

More 2011 releases...